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Book Awareness Week

Dear Brent Community,

We are excited about Book Awareness Week happening next week on November 25 – 29. As Brentonians, we believe that reading is truly essential in developing lifelong learners (ESLR 7)!

We launched Book Awareness Week during this Monday’s flag raising with announcements on the LS Readathon, the Grade 6-9 Door Decorating contest, and the JCo sponsored Bookmark Making contest. In addition, with this year’s UN theme on preserving and appreciating indigenous languages, we also had an all school chapel that featured Mount Cloud Bookshop and their mission of promoting Cordilleran and Filipino books and authors. This helps support this year’s UN Theme on indigenous languages.  

We are also happy to share that both our LS and MS/US libraries have new books featuring the works of local authors! Come and see what we have! 

Below are the activities for next week, including other reminders:


Date Activity Details
November 18-29 LS Readathon

℅ T. Kim

LS students have a chance to add to their house points by setting and tracking their reading goals! When they reach their reading goal, they will fill up details on a flag and hang it at the Bridgers walkway. Extra points are awarded to those who read featured library books. Final count for flags will be done at 3:00 pm, Friday, November 29.
November 25-29 LS Book Trivia

℅ T. Russia

The LS library will be hosting a fun book trivia all week next week! LS students may drop by the LS library during recess and lunch time to submit their answers. Winners will be picked during lunch time. 
November 18-29 Grade 6-Grade 9 Door Decorating Contest

℅ T. Laura

Grades 6 through 9 will be given an opportunity to decorate their homeroom door with a collaborative poster inspired by the statement “what I love about reading.” Students will be given class time during English to plan the posters, followed by a “Poster Making Party” on Monday, November 25, from 3:15-4:15 at the Dining Hall.  If more time is needed, a second “Poster Making Party” will be held on Wednesday, November 27 in Ma’am Laura’s classroom to finalize posters. Final posters should be handed to Ma’am Laura for approval by Wednesday, November 27 and returned to homeroom for hanging on doors by Thursday, November 28. On Friday, November 29,  judges will come to view and score decorations and everyone is welcome to view the doors as well. Details and criteria will be shared with students and will be posted around the school. 
November 18-29  Bookmark Making contest

Pre-K/K to Grade 8

Hosted by the Junior Council

The contest is open from PreK to Gr 8 starting from November 18-29. One entry per contestant. Artwork MUST relate to the assigned theme. Registration and bookmark paper are with Homeroom teachers for Lower School and from T. Laura for Gr 6-8.


Lower School:  “Celebrate the Love of Reading and Books”

Middle School: “Open Books Lead to Open Minds” 

Students may use pencils, pencil crayons, crayons, oil pastels and/or markers. All artwork must be original.

Deadline: November 29, 2019 Friday @ 3pm.

Submit entries to: Lower School Library (PreK to Gr 5)

                             Upper School Library (Gr 6 to Gr 8)

There will be one winner per grade level.

Winners will have gift certificate prizes and have their bookmarks printed for everyone to take from either libraries. Details and criteria will be shared with students and will be posted around the school.

November 26, Tuesday ALL SCHOOL CHAPEL All parents, guardians and staff are invited to attend our Thanksgiving Chapel and Holy Eucharist.
November 27, Wednesday Author’s Visit  We will be having Mr. Tor Sagud, a local author, who has recently published two graphic novels. He will be conducting three sessions for our PreK-Grade 9 students in connection to our Language Arts  curriculum. Topics include: How to create your own storybook, writing informational texts, fantasy writing, and characterization.  
November 28, Thursday Field Day Book Awareness Week House Games ℅ T. Russia is moved to Thursday, December 5 for Beginners, Juniors and Intermediates. More details to come. 
November 29, Friday LS Book Character Parade ℅. T. Kim We are excited for our LS students as they dress up in their favorite book character and parade around campus! A separate letter will be sent to parents.
November 25-29 Class-related activities LS parents are invited to be a parent volunteer for a read aloud session to the class. 

Gr 6- 9 English classes will has class activities at Mount Cloud next week! A separate letter will be sent out to parents/guardians.

Finally, while we have traditionally hosted book fairs on campus, this year, we would like to encourage our Brent Community to visit Mount Cloud bookshop and support local authors and Cordilleran literature. The bookshop is very conveniently located right across our school:

Thank you and we look forward to a memorable week of celebrating our love for reading and our libraries!


Dr. Celeste Coronado
School Principal

Author Visit: Mr. Tor Sagud and the Gripocomics team
Venue: Little Theater
Special Time Schedule for LS & MS Classes – Pre K – G 8 (ONLY)
November 27, Wednesday, Day 2 

For more information, go to:


Wednesday, November 27, Day 2 @ the Little Theater
7:45 – 7:55 Homeroom 
8:00-8:25 LS Rehearsal
8:30-9:10 Session 1 Pre K, K & 1: How to create your own storybook
9:15-9:45 Session 2 G2, 3, 4:Writing Informational Texts
9:15 – 9:50  Break for Author
10:10-11:15 Session 3 G5, 6: Fantasy Writing (Pre-writing and Organization- how to write a good ending)

*G6 students will be sent to LT by T. Tess at 10:05

11:20-12:20 Session 4 G7, 8, 9: Characterization,theme, motivation, setting

(students go back to their classes after the session)

*subject teachers to bring students to venue

12:10 – 12:45  Author’s lunch at Dining Hall or Little Theatre
12:45-1:15 Book sale and author’s signing time at Little Theater. All students are encouraged to come.