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Brent International School Baguio is primarily and essentially a college preparatory institution. Hence, only college-bound students are admitted to the School.

School Visits

It is recommended to call the school and arrange a scheduled appointment if you desire to meet with the Admissions Team for any reason. Tours are provided for families with a serious interest in enrolment.

Admissions Criteria

Applicants are admitted and retained on the basis of their ability to meet the academic, moral, and behavioral standards of The School.

The Admissions Team makes decisions in the best interest of the applicant, as well as in the interest of the specific grade level.

The right is reserved to refuse admission to any applicant who does not meet the admissions requirements. The right is also reserved to determine the placement of an accepted applicant in the grade level or subjects deemed most appropriate for the student’s success.

The Admissions Team evaluates the following when considering an applicant for admission:

    • Entrance test results;
    • Review of academic records from a current or most recent school;
    • Evaluations from a current or most recent school;
    • English language proficiency;
    • Presence of any learning differences, special needs, or giftedness; and,
    • Interviews with the applicant and parent/s or guardian.
    • Entrance Tests

Entrance tests and interviews are scheduled individually throughout the year by appointment. The entrance tests are done Monday through Friday, and only when the complete application packet has been submitted.

Entrance and placements tests are only for Grade 1 and above, including former Brent students returning after one or more years of absence from Brent. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten applicants undergo an interview and skills assessment by the Guidance Counselor.

Please note that the admissions process may take one to two days to complete.

Admission Decision Possibilities


An applicant is approved for admission and the family pays the US$ 1,500 Slot Reservation Deposit and signs the Undertaking after the family’s receipt of the Approval for Admission.

A formal Letter of Acceptance is given after payment of the Slot Reservation Deposit and signing of the Undertaking.

Wait pool

An applicant meets all admissions requirements and is approved for admission, but space is not available in the grade level or program. The family may choose to pay a refundable U.S. $600 to be placed on the wait pool. The applicant will be notified as soon as space becomes available. Brent International School Baguio offers no guarantee that a space will open. The name of the applicant will remain on the wait pool (only for the academic year accepted for) until a space opens or the application is withdrawn. It is advised to seek enrollment at another school to ensure the student is receiving an education while waiting for a slot to become available.


An applicant is not approved for admission. The Admissions Team is not able to predict success for the applicant at Brent International School Baguio, either academically or behaviorally. A mandatory six‑month waiting period is required before a second application. The Admissions Office will keep the original application materials, and there is no need to pay the application fee if admission is sought within one year of the initial application. New academic records, confidential evaluation forms, and entrance tests are usually required for the second application.

Grade Level and Section Placement

The School decides on the grade placement of the student. For certain Lower School grades, placement may be decided according to age and appropriate level of ability, based upon the results of diagnostic tests. For higher grades, proof of satisfactory completion of the prerequisite grades will be necessary.

No student will be placed in a grade level without showing proof of satisfactory completion of the preceding grade. Brent International School Baguio’s program consists of six years beyond Grade 6. The “first year high school” of local schools does not correspond with the Upper School’s Grade 9.

Only students who have completed Grades 6, 7 and 8, or the equivalent in other school systems, are admitted to the Upper School. The table below gives both the required grades levels to be completed as well as the corresponding age brackets for our grades 9 to 12.

Brent Grade Level Grade Completed or Equivalent Number of Years of Study Age Bracket

Brent Grade Level Grade Completed or Equivalent Number of Years of Study Age Bracket
Grade 9 Grade 8 14-15
Grade 10 Grade 9 15-16
Grade 11 Grade 10 16-17
Grade 12 Grade 11 17-18

For certain subjects (e.g. Upper School Math and English), placement may be determined by one’s level of ability/achievement, result of a diagnostic test, past performance with teacher and head of department recommendations, endorsement by the Director for Academics or Principal and the approval of the Deputy Head or Headmaster.

Filipino Students

Filipino applicants, as members of the international community, are most welcome to attend Brent International School Baguio. The Board of Trustees has limited the number of Filipino students, however, to not more than one-third of the total student population.

Non-English Speaking Students

Students applying for admission in the Lower and Middle School, whose competence in the English language is not sufficient for them to participate actively in, and benefit from the regular instruction program, are enrolled also in the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program. Only to be admitted are students whose Admission Tests indicate that they are at least at the required Level of Proficiency in the English Language.

Moreover, only ESL students who commit themselves to pursuing a full academic program with credit or obtaining the Brent Diploma will be considered for admission. The School does not admit applicants who want to learn only the English language.

A language cap for selective admission may be imposed on certain grades when and if the number of ESL students (in combination with LSS students) within the grade is at a 40% level.

Grades 11 and 12 Applicants (IB)

IB is an internationally recognized and externally examined diploma program. It consists of two‑year courses spread over grades 11 and 12. As a result, it is rare to accept a new student into grade 12. If a course schedule can be made guaranteeing the student will meet graduation requirements, the student must begin school within the first quarter of grade 12.


The Deputy Head with a senior faculty member prepare the student’s schedule, in coordination with the Principals, the Director for Academic Affairs and the Registrar. Should any conflict in schedules occur, this should be brought to the attention of the designated senior faculty member and the Deputy Head.

Special Cases

In exceptional cases, to be approved by the Deputy Head or Headmaster, a student may be admitted in a special program designed to help him or her to acquire sufficient credits for entrance to a specific college abroad or in the Philippines.

Learning Support Services (LSS)

For students with special learning needs, a detailed medical or psycho-educational report is required as one supporting document. This must:

    • Be up-to-date;
    • Be legible, on paper with letterhead, signed and dated;
    • State the title, name and professional credentials of the person (or persons) who has undertaken the evaluation and diagnosis of the candidate;
    • State specifically the nature of the special need, and the tests or techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis;
    • Describe the specific functional limitations arising from the disability; and,
    • Include a summary (or conclusion) and recommendations of what special assessment arrangements are appropriate.

Photocopies of documents are acceptable as these are kept in file, not to be returned.

Applicants with special learning needs are placed under the Learning Support Services (LSS) program of the school. The LSS Team determines the level of the student.

In order to better serve the needs of students, the school may only admit no more than two (2) LSS students for every Grade level, but this is still dependent on the level of support needed by the applicant.

If a student is determined within the school year to be in need of the LSS program, medical documents are to be presented to Administrators as a prerequisite for re-admission in the succeeding school year.

Financial Obligation

Parents are reminded that their enrollment agreement obliges them to make prompt payment of all financial obligations, and their thorough cooperation will be most appreciated.

Late payments are subject to a penalty charge on the amount due. Report Cards and other School records will be withheld until the dues are settled in full. The School reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw due to non-payment of financial obligations.


Boarding students whose parents live abroad should have a legally designated guardian who lives within the country.

For day students, while relatives are preferred, the legally designated guardian should be a resident of Baguio.

Guardians are the first contact of the school in cases of emergency and academic and behavioral concerns. Guardians act as the student’s “in loco parentis” and are expected to participate in the PTA affairs, Parent-Teacher Conferences and community activities. Guardians, moreover, have the responsibility of communicating to the student’s parents all concerns and matters regarding the student’s life and performance in school, and more importantly, as discussed and brought to their attention by The School.

Request for Transcript of Records

Students who wish to transfer to another school and who need a copy(s) of their Transcript of Records may apply for an official transcript, provided that their accounts with the school are in good standing, a School Clearance form is completed, and that the request is made at least three working days in advance. A fee is charged for each copy.

Should a student withdraw from school one month or more before the closing of the school year, that student is required to complete a School Clearance form before he/she is given a narrative or anecdotal evaluation of performance with grades earned at date of departure.

The Registrar’s Office places a priority on keeping the records of graduating students updated because these records are needed to accompany applications for college admission. The transcript includes not only the student’s most recent academic ratings and rank in class, but also a list of the student’s current activities, honors, awards, and recognitions. Students may make sure that the Registrar’s Office has a complete list of their activities and honors for inclusion with the Transcript of Records.

Student Records

The School considers all information on students to be confidential. Only the Headmaster, the Deputy Head, the Director for Academic Affairs, the Principals, the Registrar, the Guidance Counselor and the students’ teachers (with approval of the Guidance Counselor), may have access to a student’s files. No file may be taken out of either the Registrar’s or the Guidance Office. The Registrar and the Guidance Counselor are responsible for the students’ files entrusted to their safekeeping.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information for each student. This information includes: 1) Brent academic records; 2) academic records from other school(s) attended; 3) change of address/telephone number; 4) name of the person(s) to be informed of student’s performance, to be notified in case of emergency, and to be billed by the Accounting Office.

The Guidance Office is responsible for all other student records and files.

The cooperation of all parents/guardians concerning the matter of change of address, etc. is both essential and deeply appreciated. The Registrar must be notified in this case.

Tuition and Other Fees

The Board of Trustees determines the annual fees. Fees are to be paid at enrollment time, either for the whole year, or on a semester or quarter scheme. Other payment plans must be approved in advance by the Headmaster.

Fees are to be paid in US Dollars or in the Pesos equivalent on the day of payment. Students are officially enrolled only after all admission requirements are met and fee payments/payment arrangements have been done. The School reserves the right to refuse admissions and/or permission to sit for any official examination to any student who is delinquent in the payment of his or her accounts.

The School reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who does not meet all the admission requirements. No student is officially enrolled until all admission requirements are met and fee payments/payment arrangements have been done.

The School Admission Card, duly signed by the Deputy Headmaster, the Finance Officer and the Registrar, must be presented to the student’s Homeroom Teacher on the student’s first day of school.