Brent Bulletin #10

January 22, 2020

Warm greetings, Brent family,

I hope all of you have had a good second week of the second semester! 

With the release of report cards on Monday, January 25, parent and teacher meetings have been on-going.  Especially at this time of distance learning, the partnership and communication between home and school are crucial in the success of our Magic Mountain in the Cloud Program (MMC). 

We’d like to acknowledge all the care and effort that the entire Brent community has been putting in to ensure that quality learning experiences are being achieved despite the many challenges of distance learning during these unprecedented times. Let us continue with our goals, persevere, and practice gratitude for the blessings we have. The second semester inspires new goals, habits, and opportunities for us all. 

Nonetheless, we continue to strive for a balance in all we do to achieve quality learning, healthy well-being, and being our best at Brent. 

Here are some updates:

  1. Lower School Bulletin: Our LS Bulletin for January is up on our website:
  1. Academic Awards Chapel– This will be held next week, January 27, Wednesday during our all-school virtual chapel. 
  1. Netiquette and Communication Expectations for students, parents and school staff (for Semester 2)– Every Brentonian plays a part in building a “Collaborative Culture of Mutual Respect, Inquiry, and Communication” within and outside our learning community (WASC). 

A Brentonian refers to every member of our Brent learning community, inclusive of students, parents, faculty, administration, heads of offices/departments and staff. As a member of our learning community, each one of us represents our school/one’s office, and all that it stands for. Therefore, it is expected that each and every one of us conducts ourselves as a Brentonian in all our online activities. The same expectations and standards apply for all.

Reflecting on our experience of Semester 1, we updated our netiquette and communication expectations. Homeroom teachers have presented slides these during homeroom. We ask parents to continue supporting our netiquette and communication expectations. Parents and guardians may view the slides here.

  1. For Grade 10 parents and students, a Grade 11 and 12 pathways information session will be held on Tuesday, January 26 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 p.m. This is a very important event for all Grade 10 students and parents. We require the attendance of the student and a guardian or parent. A total of three sessions will be given this semester so as to provide Grade 10 parents and students information on what option to take and what courses to study in their final two years of high school. An email was sent to all Grade 10 parents and students with an attendance slip (google form) to return by this coming Monday. See you on Tuesday!
  1. Clubs Timeline: As we prepare to roll out our Creativity, Activity and Service extra-curricular program starting Wednesday, February 10th, we kindly ask you to note the following important dates that refer to the registration and preparation for a successful afterschool program ahead:
January 25, Monday Meeting with CAS students and supervisors: 
January 26, (Tuesday)-29 (Friday) Release of Club form  Club planning, preparation work for CAS students & supervisors.  Create recordings for assembly to be shown on February 1,Monday. Send recordings on Thursday, January 28.
February 1, Monday (no Wednesday assembly this week) Combined LS, MS, US assembly on clubs featuring the Grade 11/12 Creative, Active, and Service (CAS) student-run clubs. Club form is due on Monday, February 1, 6 p.m.
February 4,Thursday3:00-3:25  Tech trial days for THURSDAY clubs  
February 5,  Friday3:00-3:25 Tech trial days for FRIDAY CLUBS clubs   
February 8 (Monday)3:00-3:25 Tech trial days for WEDNESDAY CLUBS clubs  
February 10 (Wednesday) Start of clubs 
  1. Filipino Day– Mabuhay! We are excited to celebrate our virtual Filipino Day next month! Bb. Nelly Doliente and her Filipino classes have been making preparations for this special celebration. More details are forthcoming, but here are our Filipino Day dates: 
February 10,  Wednesday All School Chapel for Filipino Day
February 17, WednesdayAssembly time February 19,  Friday Homeroom time  Special All-School Assemblies
  1. Upcoming events in February – more details to come
    1. Virtual Cafe Meet for LS, MS, and US parents with Dr. Celeste Coronado 
    2. Information sessions for parents on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) by Ms. Abbey Diwas

Finally, we have an updated MMC primer which also includes our Netiquette and Communication Expectations for students, parents and school staff (for Semester 2)

This bulletin is also posted on our website.

Let’s continue to build curiosity, community and connection. Let’s continue to be lifelong learners.  

We are grateful for each and every one of you. Stay healthy and safe Bulldogs!


“Be a Learner for Life”


Dr. Celeste R. Coronado
School Principal

=====end of bulletin=====