05 February 2021

Dear Brent family,

TGIF! What an exciting and balanced month we have in store for us all! 

Below are the following updates:

  1. Lower School Bulletin: Our LS Bulletin for February is up on our website: https://brentbaguio.edu.ph/lower-school-newsletter/
  1. Semester 2 Clubs: We look forward to all our students’ experiences of growing and developing ESLRs  through the CAS clubs/program offered at Brent Schools — despite our challenges during a global pandemic and distance learning. Our clubs start on Wednesday, February 10.

The Sem 2 Club listing can be found here.  (Viewable using your child/ward’s school email).

February 8 (Monday)3:00-3:25Tech trial day for WEDNESDAY CLUBSCartoon Drawing Club | Gr. 4-6 || Ms. Guia LagazonNature Photography Club |  Gr. 4-12 | Mrs. Agnes MarianoArt and Dance Club| Kinder-Grade 1 | Mrs. Adamey PenianoBrent Podcast Club | Gr. 9-12 | Student Facilitator: Pepi Mercado | Faculty Adviser: Mr. Jacob RobertsStory Writing Club | Gr. 6-8 | Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Geraldine ReyesKeep Fit Club | Gr. 9-12 | Coach Boy ArandezGlobal Issues Network | Gr. 10-12 | Ms. Arriane Pangsiw, Mr. Jeremy PowerThe Little Disciples | Gr. 7-12 | Student Facilitators: YE CHAN CHOI, CHRIS CHO, ANDY YU | Ms. Deb Roberts  
February 10 (Wednesday)Start of clubs(clubs end April 23, Friday)We are cheering for our CAS student leaders, CAS faculty supervisors, faculty club facilitators and Mr. Jeremy Power, CAS Coordinator. Thank you for all your hard work in getting our clubs up and running.  

2. Virtual Filipino Day– Mabuhay! We are excited to celebrate our virtual Filipino Day next week and the week after. We divided up our usual celebration to three dates: February 10, 17 and 19! Bb. Nelly Doliente and her Filipino classes have been making preparations for this special celebration and we sure are looking forward to it! 

February 10,  WednesdayAll School Chapel for Filipino Day
February 17, WednesdayAssembly time All-School Assemblies- special schedule set for the day
February 19,  Friday Homeroom timeAll-School Assembly- special schedule set for the dayWe invite all our students, faculty, staff and parents  to show their school spirit by dressing up in Filipiniana, wearing something distinctly Filipino, or dressing up as their favorite Filipino artist(dress code applies).  We will be sending a community Padlet for all to post their pictures on. 

3. Parent/Guardian Virtual Coffee/Tea Chat. We would like to invite 

parents/guardians to a Parent/Guardian Virtual Coffee/Tea Chat (invitation sent yesterday by email)

LOWER SCHOOL February 8, Monday 3:00-4:00pm 

MIDDLE SCHOOL February 9, Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm 

UPPER SCHOOL February 10, Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm 

Chat Meet Link for all three chats: meet.google.com/aua-nkmt-vdn

Bring a brimful cup of coffee or tea to our virtual meet 🙂


Updates on MMC implementation: How are we doing so far? 

Upcoming Events: How can we sustain well-being, community, connection and curiosity?


4. Information Sessions on Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) for parents and guardians by Mrs. Abbey Diwas

Curious to know what the students are learning in the SEL program? Join us on these dates. We will also be sharing a few SEL skills/strategies which you can easily practice at home. 

LOWER SCHOOL February 15, Monday 3:00-4:00pm 

MIDDLE SCHOOL February 16, Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm 

UPPER SCHOOL February 17, Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm 

5. MMC Feedback form.  With Semester 1 and almost a full month of Semester 2 done, we continue to be curious about how our MMC program has been going for us all. One way that can help us reflect on this question is through your feedback. This will help us know our STRENGTHS, our CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITIES (solutions). We have three (3) questions for you on our MMC program. Please answer these as best you can. Together, with strong communication and being lifelong learners, we continue to make our Brent education experience a meaningful and balanced one. The form will be open until Tuesday, February 9.

Feedback on the MMC program

6. HOLIDAY: February 12, Friday, is the Chinese New Year. 

We continue to foster being mindful and understanding of our classes and creating positive environments both online and at home.

With Friday, February 12th being a holiday, there will be no homework given to our students for the long weekend. 

This will allow us all to enjoy some rest over the weekend, while also putting into balance our excellent MMC program and the health and wellbeing of all. We wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a lovely and safe time with family.

7. Friday February 26, 2021 a special Student Wellness Day. 

As announced by Headmaster Brett Petrillo in an email sent earlier, “This will be a day without classes or schoolwork and, with the preceding Thursday already declared as a public holiday, will provide our students and their families an extended 4 day break from the online school environment.” 

This bulletin is also posted on our website.

Let’s continue to  build curiosity, community and connection. Let’s continue to build each other up and be lifelong learners.  

We are grateful for each and every one of you, and we care for the Brent community’s safety and wellbeing. 

God bless you all and stay healthy, Bulldogs!


“Be a Learner for Life”


Dr. Celeste R. Coronado

School Principal