Dear Brent family,

WOW and TGIF! What a wonderful way to end the week with special and historical Filipino Day assemblies today and Wednesday! Even at this time of the pandemic and distance learning, the Brent family continues to stay connected and curious, and build community!

Our all-school Filipino Day chapel, Wednesday’s and today’s special virtual Filipino Day assemblies truly honored our host country and have captured the vibrant, courageous, and creative heart and spirit of Philippine history and culture. 

For those who were unable to join us, the presentations featured in our assemblies this week are viewable until next week, Friday February 26 through the following unlisted Youtube links:

Part 1 Filipino Day Presentation

Part 2 FIlipino Day Presentation

Congratulations once again to all the Filipino classes from Grades 8-12 and Bb. Nelly Ann Doliente for their hours of hard work and dedication! Thank you to all our students, parents, faculty, staff and parents for joining our activities. Thank you to our IT Team and Mr. Kurt Salvador for the Youtube/tech support. It truly was a memorable and meaningful event that transcended limitations of distance, time and space. Mabuhay ang ating Brent family! (Long live our Brent family!).

Here are other updates:

  1. On behalf of Ms. Abbey, the faculty and myself, thank you to all our parents who attended our Virtual coffee/tea chat (February 8-10) and the Social-Emotional Learning information sessions (Feb 15-17)! The presentation slides can be found below and will also be made available via the Parent/Student MMC Resource page soon.
Event LS MS US
Virtual Cafe/Tea Chats Slides Slides Slides
Socio-Emotional Learning Sessions Slides Slides Slides
  1. Midsemester Reports and Parent Teacher Conference. Please mark your calendars for the following: 

The release of Report Cards will be on Friday, March 5.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be on Monday, March 8 from 8:30-3:00

We will be sending out an online PTC sign up sheet for each teacher to facilitate easy scheduling. 

More details to follow next week.

  1. Grades/Progress marks on BASIS– Leading to the release of the Midsemester reports and the PTCs, we encourage our parents and students to check their student’s progress on BASIS regularly. Kindly see the attached parent guidelines on how to access BASIS.

Kindly note that in order to give more accurate feedback, we instituted the following for students in Grades 4-12:

  1. The  use of ‘M’ and ‘I’ are used for marking MISSING or INCOMPLETE work for students. These marks are seen on BASIS and not on the Mid Semester Report. 
  2. Updated: Using an ‘M’ or an ‘I’ when computing the running grade has a significant impact on the average grade.  However, these ‘M’ and ‘I’ marks can be updated once your child / ward submits his or her missing work or completes any outstanding requirements.

Parents/guardians will have been receiving follow up emails on students who have missing work. If you have any trouble logging into your parent portal account or student portal account, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kurt Salvador via email at: Kurt Salvador <>.

  1. Lockers- Students’ personal effects/things that were stored in lockers from last school year have been collected and secured in individual bags with labels. Students/families will be notified soon. They are now stored safely with Ms. Cryszel Lugo and will be ready for pick up soon. Other arrangements can also be made. Library/text books that were found in lockers were collected and checked in back into our library’s system by Ms. Pau Egino. 
  1. Grade 10 students and parents’ IB Core Subjects Information Afternoon. For this second session, we would like to inform you of the three core subjects of the Brent curriculum and the IB Program (for all pathways): Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay (EE). This is scheduled on Tuesday, February 23rd from 3:00 pm to 4:30 p.m. A separate email has been sent to all Grade 10 parents and students.

This second session will feature the learning goals and course requirements of the following:

  • Theory of Knowledge course (IB and credit level) – c/o Paul Engler
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (IB and credit level)  – c/o Jeremy Power
  • Extended Essay (IB and credit level)- â„… Donna Nebrija
  1. Friday, February 26, 2021, a special Student Wellness Day. 

As announced by Headmaster Brett Petrillo in an email sent earlier, “This will be a day without classes or schoolwork and, with the preceding Thursday already declared as a public holiday, will provide our students and their families an extended 4 day break from the online school environment.” 

Thanks to our parents and guardians for the continued partnership and support of our students at home! We are likewise cheering for our students: we are nearing halfway the semester! Let’s continue to have a growth mindset and be our best at Brent!

This bulletin is also posted on our website.

We are grateful for each and every one of you, and we care for the Brent community’s safety and wellbeing.  Let’s continue to build each other up and be lifelong learners.  

God bless you all and stay healthy, Bulldogs!

“Be a Learner for Life!


Dr. Celeste R. Coronado
School Principal