Dear Brent family,

Our last week of Quarter Three surely has been packed with great activities!

With the release of the Mid-Semester reports, we want our families to know that we are here to support and cheer our students on as we approach the last quarter of the school year, especially at this time of the pandemic and distance learning.

Below are the following updates:

  1. Lower School Bulletin: Our LS Bulletin for March is up on our website:

  2. Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC), Monday, March 8. Kindly note that there will be no classes. Instead, you are invited to meet with the teachers of your child for 15-minute Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs), by making a prior booking through PTC MASTER DOCUMENT for a time slot between 8 am and 12 noon or 1 pm and 3:30 pm.

How to sign up: The PTC MASTER DOCUMENT provides links to each teacher’s individual sign up sheets. We would like to emphasize the value the school sees in these meetings: though these are virtual, they are perhaps the most effective mode of home to school communication in helping our students achieve greater success. Likewise, parents are encouraged to have their child take part in the conferences to strengthen the conversation and goal setting from these sessions.

  1. Parent Appreciation Day All-School chapel, Wednesday, March 10. We are looking forward to a special chapel service honoring our parents and guardians. More details to follow next week.

  2. Pink Shirt Day on Friday, March 12. The Grade 4 Social Studies class is hosting “Pink Shirt Day” with the goal of uniting the Brent community in spreading kindness to everyone. We will be sending a community Padlet for all to post their pictures.

As one Brent family, let us support this activity and continue to demonstrate being Tolerant Individuals (ESLR 5) who:

a. respect themselves and others;

b. understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people;

c. deal effectively with conflict caused by diversity of opinions and beliefs;

d. respect the role of gender, religion, culture and ethnicity in the world.

Kindness does not have any size; it can fit everyone and does not go out of style. Do join us!”

– from the Grade 4 class: Hugh, Maroj, Zion, Julian and Teacher Geraldine.

5. Filipino Dress Up Day winners:

Here’s the list of winners :

Kinder – Kiara Curran

Grade 6 – Deborah Jochebed Bangsoy

Grade 11 – Paolo Padilla

Grade 1 – Akeisha Bagnos

Grade 7 – Timothy Yang

Grade 12 – Rolex Chua

Grade 2 – Emma Orendain

Grade 8 – Phylan Salvador

Parents/staff/faculty: Mrs. Gloria Monica Chua (Rolex’s mom)

Grade 4 – Maroj Gayumba

Grade 9 – Angeli Balagot

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who took part in a successful Filipino Day celebration!

Grade 5 – Joshua Sta. Maria

Grade 10 – Tie between – Samara Bangsoy & Leigh Egino

6. Grade 12 GANZA making afternoon. Our seniors got together at 11:25-3:00pm, today, Friday, March 5th for some time together and for drafting their Ganza yearbook messages. Cheers to our seniors and thanks to Mr. Jeremy Power and Mrs. Agnes Mariano for facilitating this fun “retreat” activity.

7.  Grade 11 Extended Essay Writing Workshop. Our juniors were busy working towards the goal of 1500 words and proper formatting and referencing of their Extended Essays today from 8am – 3:00. A huge congratulations to our juniors who put in the work today and made impressive progress in their 4000 word Extended Essay journey. Thank you to our EE Coordinator, Ms. Donna Nebrija for guiding our students this quarter and during today’s writing workshop. Our Extended Essay supervisors will now continue guiding our juniors towards completion of their EE due next school year.

8. Socio-Emotional Learning Wednesday Assembly slides. On Wednesday, March 3, assemblies were held to present Socio-Emotional Learning strategies that promote being healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you to Ms. Abbey Diwas, our Guidance Counselor and Strong Kids and Strong Teens Coach and Ms. Kim Arganda, LS Head Teacher for conducting these interactive sessions. Here’s sharing the slides used in the presentations for all parents and students use at home as well.

How can the wellness wheel help with keeping us healthy in body, mind and spirit?

LS SEL slides

A “Pleasant Activities Calendar” may help promote greater self-compassion and mindfulness. What are the benefits of doing pleasant activities?

MS/US SEL slides

Finally, we look forward to engaging and meaningful activities in April that will celebrate 112 years of Brent Baguio.

Our theme this year is “Grateful and Resilient @ 112”. More updates to come next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Here’s looking forward to Quarter 4 and a good finish for us all!

 Let’s continue to build each other up and be lifelong learners. God bless you all and stay healthy, Bulldogs!

“Be a Learner for Life!”


Dr. Celeste R. Coronado
School Principal