Dear Brent family,

The ongoing Brent@112 activities continue to make our community ever more connected despite physical distance. We just had an uplifting and inspiring chapel service this Wednesday, April 14, and we have our Brent@112 Grateful and Resilient padlet  which remains open for the month of April so we could all participate and collectively share what we’re grateful for and what makes us resilient. These skills and attitudes, along with our Brent Crest values and ESLRs, are what strengthen the Brent family during these uncertain times and unprecedented challenges.

We are all now in full swing with our Brent@112 Grateful and Resilient activities with Spirit Week happening next week from April 19-23, Monday to Friday. We invite all members of our Brent community: students, parents, guardians, staff and faculty to join and share the love! Here are the individual posters as well as the video prepared by the members of our National Honor Society.

Below are the community Spirit Week Padlets as well. Homeroom teachers will be checking those who are in their Spirit Week attire (dress code applies) as house points will be awarded. 

Theme Padlet Link
Brent Pride Monday Monday – 
Turn Up Tuesday Tuesday – 
Workout Wednesday Wednesday – 
Tropical Thursday Thursday – 
Frontliner Friday Friday –  

We are also looking forward to the Virtual Art Exhibit on April 21, 2021, Wednesday, 8 a.m. (Assembly time). The best artworks from K-9 and a number Grade 10 artworks will be presented during the All-School Assembly in the morning. As an All-School interactive show, let’s be encouraging and appreciative when we tune in. After school, everyone can explore the artworks at their own pace. 

On Friday, we will be having our Brent Day in the Cloud celebration on Friday, April 23, also at 8 a.m.  We have a host of exciting and wonderful acts from many Brentonian performers! We will be having a special schedule to accommodate this event – details soon to follow. We will also have our Staff Appreciation Day All School Chapel by the STUCO/NHS on April 28.

With our clubs ending next week, Friday, April 23, we look forward to our virtual activities in May. We have the Science Fair, IB Art Exhibit, our End of Semester Assessments, LS, MS/US Moving Up Days, and Graduation.

A Virtual CAS Expo for Second Semester is in the works. Students and faculty are encouraged to coordinate reflection in the approaching final week of clubs. 

We continue to cheer on our seniors towards a strong finish as they #EarntheGown. Today, Friday, April 16, marks the last day of instructional classes. Next week is a week for our students to pursue consultation and revision. Senior teachers remain in their regularly scheduled meet links and our seniors should make the most out of this unique opportunity. Seniors will also continue their CAS clubs for the week. Their end of semester final assessments will be happening from April 27-May 4 and the following weeks are for graduation preparation as well as clearances. 

Cheers to our dear Brent@112! We are grateful and resilient!

God bless you all! Stay safe and healthy, Bulldogs!

Dr. Celeste R. Coronado

School Principal