22 September 2020

Warm greetings, Brent family!

We are nearing a full month with our MMC program! We hope and pray that you are all in good health and are keeping safe at this time. 

Know that we remain firm in our strong commitment to developing learners for life and the seven ESLRs through the teaching and learning that happens in our virtual classrooms, as well as our experiential/community activities. We are particularly excited for our student-led CAS clubs as well as our faculty-offered clubs that are starting on Wednesday, September 30.

Here are some updates:

Schedule for Clubs Tech trial days and start of clubs: Club supervisors have been sending their club’s Google Classroom code and Google Meet link via email to registered students (and LS parents).  We ask students (and LS parents) to check their emails before the following tech trial days:

Sept 24 Thursday


Tech trial days for THURSDAY clubs 

Faculty will be emailing Google Classroom codes and Google Meet links via student emails prior to this day. 

Sept 25 Friday


Tech trial days for FRIDAY CLUBS clubs  

Faculty will be emailing Google Classroom codes and Google Meet links via student emails prior to this day. 

Sept 28 (Monday)


Tech trial days for WEDNESDAY CLUBS clubs  

Faculty will be emailing Google Classroom codes and Google Meet links via student emails prior to this day.

Sept 30 (Wednesday) Start of clubs 3:00-3:45 via Google Classroom/Meet links

Clubs start next week, Wednesday, and we are excited to see our students have fun, make friends, develop ESLRs,  learn more life skills!

All the best to our student-led and faculty-offered clubs!  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or Celeste Coronado.

2. Midsemester reports: Midsemester reports will be released via parent/student email on October 16, Friday. Additionally, in an effort to maximize student contact days, we have decided to do a full day of school on October 12, Monday instead of parent-teacher conferences. Nonetheless, faculty will be setting meetings with parents to follow up on students of concern from October 19-24. Parents are encouraged, nonetheless, to set meeting times with faculty as needed. More updates to come.

3. Upcoming College Virtual Visits: “We are excited to let you know that the following universities will be conducting virtual visits at our school on the indicated dates. All Grade 11 students and interested Grade 12 students are joining these sessions. However, if you are not from these grade levels but are interested to attend,  please send Ms. Abbey a message so details on how to access the meeting link can be forwarded to you”- Ms. Abbey

September 24, Thursday 8:30AM : University of Illinois, USA

October 2, Friday 8:30AM : University of Kansas, USA

October 6, Tuesday, 8:30AM : University of Calgary, Canada

October 16, Friday 8:30AM : Purdue University, USA

4. From Ms. Joy Cascato, PTA President: We are happy to present to the Brent community our Parent-Teacher Representatives: 

LS Coordinator – Den Ku 

  • Grades 2-5 – Joanna Orendain

Grade 6 – Shalimar Gavina
Grade 7 – Pia  Chan
Grade 8 – Pauline Salvador

US Coordinator – Jardz Bautista

  • Grade 9 – Geverlyn Sacley
  • Grade 10 – Cathy Williams
  • Grade 11 – Jards Bautista 
  • Grade 12 – Donna Taguiba

Thank you to our awesome PTA and parent-representatives for their support and care! We appreciate all you do for our school and the Brent family!

5. Career Day on Wednesday, September 30 and Career Dress up Day on Friday, October 2

In celebration of being a learner for life, we will be having a Career Day Assembly for LS, MS and US on Wednesday, September 30. We will be inviting speakers to talk about their careers and how they have become learners for life as well. 

On Friday, October 2, we invite all our students to show their school spirit by dressing up in the career of their choice and post their photo on a community Padlet which will be sent next week. 

Finally, thank you to all the parents who attended our session on Supporting Your Child in Grade 11 and 12 this afternoon from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Thank you as well to Mr. Jeremy Power and Ms. Abbey Diwas for conducting the session.  

 Let’s all continue to work and learn together as one Brent family! We are grateful for each and everyone of you!


Celeste Coronado

-end of Bulletin-