December 3

Warm greetings, Brent family,

By next week, we will be down to the final two weeks of learning together as a community, and we are looking forward to a good finish for all. 

Leading to the end of the semester, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our students and faculty for all the effort they are putting into teaching and learning. We know there are quite a number of challenges, but together, with our Brentonian spirit of courage, care, camaraderie and lifelong learning, we are overcoming these challenges with flying colors. We are growing together, getting stronger and building our resilience. Let’s continue to #BeOurBestatBrent!

Meanwhile, here are updates:

  1. After school Clubs– As announced earlier, our last week of clubs is this week. Despite the challenges of distance learning, we are amazed and grateful for the opportunity to have a high quality and robust MMC Activities Program.  

Well done to our CAS students, our faculty advisors and our IB and CAS Coordinator, Mr. Jeremy Power! Three cheers for all! 

As acknowledgement, here is a full list of our student-led CAS clubs and our faculty-offered clubs!  (viewable via your child’s email address).

Here’s also sharing our CAS students’ club reflection streamed yesterday during our all school chapel:

Tomorrow, Friday, December 4, homeroom classes will be looking at club highlights and these will be shared with the community in the next few days. 

Know that we remain firm in our commitment towards developing learners for life and the seven ESLRs in all Brentonians through our virtual classes and our experiential activities. 

  1. Lower School Bulletin: We have exciting activities in store for Lower School! We also included a note on final assessments. Our LS Bulletin for December is up on our website: 
  1. 50K for Sharing and Caring: As an update to our total donations, we now have Php 71,113 pesos. Thank you for sharing and caring! We will be forwarding this amount to the EDNCP Episcopal Diocese of North Central Philippines through Bishop Nestor Poltic.

4. Lessons and Carols 2020-  In addition to our previous bulletin, kindly note that we will be sending the Youtube link either on Friday, December 4 or Saturday, December 5. The link will also be made available on our website. 

Let’s also continue with our candle lighting tradition during the singing of “Silent Night”, we invite our home to prepare candles for the family to light. 

We are looking forward to a simple yet meaningful Lessons and Carols service which is scheduled for airing on December 6 at 7 p.m. via the school’s Youtube channel. The virtual service will feature recorded songs and readings from our present students and Brent community members while recordings of songs by past choirs and school orchestras will complement the service. 

5. Final Assessments- Our faculty have worked hard to provide quality, engaging and meaningful final assessments that continue to clearly demonstrate our students’ learning and skill development of our students thus far. We will be sending a separate email on final assessment details. Similar to our approach back in May of last school year, our final assessment period is spread out throughout the last weeks of this semester in order to facilitate and implement strong, measurable assessment criteria. 

6. Library books – Our Bulldogs make reading a habit! We encourage our students and parents (via your child’s account) to use our Destiny Online library system. Parents may drop off and pick up library books from the guardhouse. Attached are login and search instructions as well as a video on how to access our library system. There are also accessible online books available for instant use from any electronic device.

Finally, kindly note that there will be no classes on December 8, Tuesday, a public holiday to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. 

This bulletin is also posted on our website.

More updates will be forthcoming with regards to the second semester and other activities. Let’s continue to build curiosity, community and connection. Let’s continue to be lifelong learners.  

We are grateful for each and every one of you. Stay healthy, Bulldogs!


“Be a Learner for Life”