December 18

Warm greetings, Brent family,

What a wonderful and meaningful way to end our first semester with the presentation by the Lower School Religious Studies classes! For those who have missed the presentation, it is viewable until December 31 through this link.We kindly ask our Brent community not to share the video on any social media sites. 

We are proud of the learning and the sharing of time and talent of all our Lower School students. Congratulations, Lower School students and parents and to Teacher Kim and the LS faculty for a job well done! 

We also recognize the hard work of our Middle and Upper School students and faculty in dedicating the last few weeks of this semester to demonstrate an accumulation of academic skills and knowledge in their final assessments. We thank our parents for the support and care given to our students throughout this semester.

We’d like to acknowledge the sincere effort that the entire Brent community— parents, staff, administration, Board, students and faculty— has been putting in to ensure that quality learning experiences are being achieved despite the many challenges of distance learning during these unprecedented times.

Below are other updates:

Christmas tokens from our PTA for all students:

Release of Report Cards

Report Cards will be released via parent and student emails on January 18, Monday  from Ms. Jennie Umaging, Assistant Registrar. 


After school clubs will begin on February 10, Wednesday. More details to follow.


Offices will be closed beginning Monday, December 21 and will resume operations on Wednesday, January 6.

Finally, with an abundance of gratitude and appreciation for each and everyone of you: our students, parents, administrators, staff and faculty, we share with you once again the video (presented at the last chapel for the semester) that celebrates the work we have done together this semester 1. 

Though we are apart, we bridged our distance by being our best at Brent through our 7 ESLRs and Brent Crest Values.  Being learners for life made us creative, courageous, kind and resilient. As one Brent family, we’ve kept connection, community and curiosity thriving in these extraordinary times.

We can’t wait to see you all again through our Magic Mountain in the Cloud program (MMC) on January 11, Monday, Day 1, the beginning of Semester 2. Other updates will be forthcoming.

As we continue to pray for our world’s healing, let us carry on with being learners for life and keeping healthy in mind, body and spirit. 

On behalf of our staff, faculty and administration, we wish everyone a safe, meaningful and blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New year. 

Dr. Celeste Coronado

School Principal