10 September 2020

Dear Brent family,

Warm greetings, Bulldogs! We are in our third week of the MMC program!

We are excited to share with you some updates as we continue to enhance the MMC program with extracurricular activities toward the end of the month, alongside other developments to complement our program:

  1. Clubs. Below is our timeline towards clubs starting in two weeks! More updates to come as we draw closer to the start of clubs on September 30, Wednesday.



Sep 14  (Monday)

Video of the club form shown in Homeroom.

Release of Club choice form via email in the afternoon.

Sep 15 (Tuesday)

Going over instructions on How to answer the Club Form during Homeroom time. Reminder that parent approval must be given for students to register for clubs.

Sep 16 (Wednesday)

Combined LS, MS, US assembly on clubs featuring the Grade 11/12 Creative, Active, and Service (CAS) student-run clubs.

Sep 18  (Friday)

Club choice form due by 6pm

Sep 21 (Monday)

Faculty start setting up Classrooms and Meet links.

Sep 22 (Tues)

Faculty begin adding registered students to Classrooms with Meet links enabled.

Sep 24 (Thursday)/25 (Friday)/28 (Monday)

Tech trial days for clubs 3:00-3:45

More details to follow

Sep 30 (Wednesday)

Start of clubs


  1. Religious Studies Grades 1-5. Teacher Kim Arganda will be teaching these classes beginning next week. Thank you T. Julie for setting the classes up!


  1. Gr. 6-12 Class officers/ STUCO Reps election, Friday, September 11. As announced by homeroom teachers last week, elections will happen tomorrow during homeroom. Positions for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are available for homeroom officers, as well as two positions of Student Council Representatives. You should be passionate about being a leader and representative of your class in running for these positions. Good luck to all student candidates!


  1. MMC feedback form. Thank you to all our students and parents who gave their feedback on the MMC program thus far. We, your faculty, looked into your responses and suggestions today. Let’s keep learning together and apply best practices as we go! We will be sending out another feedback form in October.


  1. Chapel. We want to thank the chapel team, Ms. Julie Sibucao and Mr. Kurt Salvador for their hard work in putting two successful chapel services together to date. We also would like to acknowledge the following for sharing their thoughts, time and talents in our last two chapel services:

August 26

Welcome Chapel

Opening Prayer: Mrs. Agnes Mariano (faculty)

Closing Prayer: Andy Yu, G12

Scripture Lesson: Ye Chan Choi, G12

Special Music: Faith Orbeta, G12

Intercession: Mrs. Joy Cascato and Mrs. Catherine Williams (parents)

Homily: Father Richard Egmalis

September 9

2nd Chapel

Opening Prayer: Mrs. Donna Nebrija (faculty)

Closing Prayer: JunJun Desepida, G11

Scripture Lesson: Romeo JuanPaolo Padilla, G11

Special Music: Adriel De Luna, G11

Intercession: Mishka and Andrei Bautista (G11, G6)

Homily: Jacob Roberts (faculty)

We continue to build on best practice by both learning from and supporting one another. Here’s to a successful start, and let’s build some excitement in anticipation of our extra curricular activities scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.



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