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  1. Ye Chan Choi has the distinction of being awarded as a 10th grade Bulldog of the Month for a second time this year. He served his class well as Treasurer, and was a constant presence in extra curricular activities throughout the year.  He continues to excel academically, and is a pleasure to have as a student.
  2. Andrea Damperon has had an excellent month. In her classes, she is a self-motivated worker who responds to challenges with cheerfulness and optimism. She is not afraid to take risks and make mistakes because she knows that mistakes are opportunities for learning and growing. Andrea continues to be an enthusiastic member of both the Quidditch club and the Middle School Games club, where her wacky sense of humour, active imagination, and friendly nature help make the club fun for everyone. She and her classmates have even begun creating their own board games during Games club! Way to go, Andrea!
  3. David Hirsch has knack for building and assembling science experiments. When researching and preparing for these tasks, he ensures he carefully observes the small yet significant details. David is a gamer. He appreciates the opportunities to play the latest trending online games with his friends. He is thrilled to coach younger students in chess during Monday’s Games Club. During Math he is eager to participate and share his findings. Congrats on being May’s Bulldog of the Month!
  4. Rim (Steve) Hwangbo is a kind-hearted student who is often misunderstood because of his rough nature. He is very competitive during house games and Quidditch Club. His bank of English vocabulary is gradually increasing and he patiently expresses himself in the English language. Keep it up, Rim!
  5. Daniel Kim is working hard toward the finish line of his academic career at Brent. It has been a long journey for our seniors and we are proud of the efforts of Daniel and the rest of the class. We wish you the very best with your finals. Keep pushing and succeed so that you yourself are proud of your achievements when you graduate.
  6. Kim, Yoon has become much more sociable with peers and schoolmates. He has grown from being shy to talking with others, even those whom he does not see everyday. He loves talking to people about his interests and hobbies, sometimes eagerly showing his skills with paper folding. He has also become much involved in class, being very active in discussions.
  7. Donguk “Bob” Lee is one of the Grade 11s who is a bit shy and always chooses to be low-key. Not many people know that he enjoys cooking, something that he is very passionate about. When he talks about this, he does it enthusiastically. Accordingly, he cooks very well, and the Grade 11 homeroom hopes to taste in cooking in the near future. The dishes that he considers his favorite to cook are Korean cuisine, which he learned from his mother. He dreams of becoming a great chef someday, which, no doubt, he will and can be with his passion and joy for cooking.
  8. Through her kind and cheerful way, this second grader has been a valued member of the class. She has made significant improvements in learning English and has been more participative. Though at times she struggled with word problems, her positive attitude towards math helped her do exceptionally well in the geometry and fractions unit.  She is starting to make smart choices in managing her time and focusing on her work, which will get her ready for the next grade. Congratulations, Li Muyang (Maggie)!!!
  9. Jungyeon (John) Lim joined our 4th grade class in March and had learned the routine in our class. Although he had some misunderstandings with his peers, he has shown self-control in handling conflicts. He has developed his own style of writing in his poem, which is a joy to read! Way to go, Jungyeon!
  10. It hasn’t been easy for Mira Maruyama being the only female in class of 6, but she manages it with grace and patience. She is such an independent and dependable student who is incredibly supportive of all her classmates. It cannot be expressed how much of an amazing young woman she is, that’s why she’s Grade 3’s May Bulldog of the month!
  11. Ha Jin Moon has shown significant improvement in his attitude towards learning, in interacting with peers and in his involvement in school activities. His commendable progress in his class performance and his continuous effort to be punctual earns him the 10th grade Bulldog of the Month.
  12. It is not many times in a lifetime that you get to meet individuals who are remarkably genuine. They are able to bring students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities together through kindness and humour. Romeo JuanPaolo Padilla manifests such positive outlook that many of his schoolmates consider him as their close brother. He uplifts his colleagues in times of despair and unites them during conflicts. Paolo’s self discipline and determination shape not only his optimistic disposition but also his outlook towards sports. His outstanding talent in Basketball and Volleyball has brought Brent Baguio a number of championship trophies that will eventually go down in history. With all these, Romeo JuanPaolo Padilla deserves to be called a Bulldog of the Month! Congratulations!
  13. Kenzle Panabang has been chosen as the bulldog of the month having shown a gung-ho attitude in all that she does. Continuing her pursuit of her passion in basketball, she continues to share her joy participating fully in house games and PE. Kenzle works well with her peers and is often one of her classmates will text to ask a question.
  14. Minjun (Tom) Park has been doing very well the last few weeks. On the recent MAP tests, he showed significant growth compared to the tests at the start of the school year. Tom works hard during class, and gets along with all his classmates. He is also very kind: he helps his friends when they have trouble with their work, and is polite to all his teachers. These are attributes of a true Brentonian, and I hope he will continue the good work going forward!
  15. Readiness to lend a helping hand is a trait that Aljo Pescador applies in any situation. When he sees a need of others, he would go out of his way to be of assistance. In classwork, he is also becoming more independent and more mindful of his work quality.
  16. Leesha Sanagen is someone that may be described as a silent-type but she can definitely deliver results. This is particularly observed when she performs her responsibilities as the Treasurer of her homeroom class. She is among the newest students in her batch, having joined only last year, but she was able to develop close friendships with some of her classmates and schoolmates from other grade levels. Furthermore, she gained the trust of her batchmates, enough to make her classmates vote her as their class secretary.
  17. Sally Shin has been showing up to homeroom with a smile on her face which is great to see. She has been diligent in her duties in NHS and we are proud of her as she continues onward for a strong finish. Wishing you the very best with your finals! Study hard, keep organized and allow your hard work to pay off!
  18. Matthew Sta. Maria is named one of the bulldogs of the month after having shown a strong work ethic in and out of school. He participated in his first ISAC as a basketball player and has shown strong potential in his years to come. Within school many teachers have noted that he has a lighthearted attitude and a delight to have in class.
  19. Yoon Eunseo (Ashley) continues to be polite and well mannered. She shows consistent and genuine concern for students and teachers as well. Ashley has shown good citizenship since she joined in January. She also deserves this award for significant progress in class work. Her attitude towards school and class activities has remained positive. Congratulations!
  20. Yuan Zhixing (Jack) is one calm guy. He is new to Brent, having just arrived in April but is steadily finding his place in the class and among classmates. He is warming up to classmates, interacting with them even though he does not understand English.
  21. Danica Williams has been chosen as the bulldog of the month after having shown outstanding commitment in developing herself outside her subjects through pursuing musical arts. We congratulate her in an outstanding performance at Presto and hopes she continues to pursue her passion of music next year. Danica has been a kind and caring student always extending a helping hand to her peers in her class.