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Life Skills Retreat

On Friday, our Juniors (Class of 2021) came together for a meaningful Life Skills Retreat covering topics around Communicating Positively, Self Awareness and Designing Balance in their lives. Some great contributions and responses from students made for an inspiring and rewarding evening for our juniors to set the tone for an incredible year ahead!

ESLR 6 : Effective Communicators and ESLR 5: Tolerant Individuals as students built a safe space to share their feelings on what is ahead of their journey in the IB and as Class of 2021
ESLR 7: Life Long Learners who continued learning a valuable life lesson on managing emotion and stress, a skill we all continuously build upon.
ESLR 4: Healthy individuals through nourishing the team after some effective discussion and activities!
ESLR 1: Responsible Citizens and ESLR 2 Critical Thinkers and ESLR 6 Effective Communicators who worked together to understand best practices for respecting and supporting one another.