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After School Clubs

Brent Baguio continues to offer a rich and diverse activities program. ESLR attainment is enhanced and varied because lessons in values, relationships, character, tolerance, and teamwork that students experience through the Creativity, Activity, Service ( CAS ) Programs offered at Brent Schools.

Club options are categorized into three primary categories: CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY, and SERVICE, offering a holistic experience that extends outside the classroom. Additionally, students will develop, strengthen, and extend our school’s Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs): that of being, among others, healthy, responsible, and lifelong learners.

Below is the list of club options and members. Kindly go over the details and information given for each club.

We encourage our students to pursue a variety of clubs that will give them balanced experiences throughout their years here at Brent. We look forward to seeing your child pursuing a passion or trying out new things!