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Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him. -Psalm 98:1

From the Head Teacher

Ms. Kim Arganda Lower School Head Teacher Grade 2 Homeroom

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome back! It’s now the second semester! I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays, with renewed energy for the year ahead. We have new faces in Lower School, and we are very happy to have a growing community. With each other’s continued support, let’s gear up for more fun-filled learning experiences coming up in the next few months!

Report cards for the end of Semester 1 will be sent out this Friday, January 17th, through the homeroom teachers. If you have further questions, please let us know so that we can set up a meeting with you. 

Clubs will start on January 27th. Sign up forms will be given to students a week prior to the start of clubs, and are due on Thursday, January 23rd. 

Rehearsals for Filipino Day and Brent Day performances are also underway. You may expect letters soon outlining the costumes needed, and after school rehearsals. The students are excited to perform on stage again.

The previous advisory on cold-weather clothing still applies until further notice. Please continue to regularly check the assignment notebook, the school website and the LS Bulletin Board (near the Drop Off Area) for updates.

Here are the important dates for LS on our School Activities calendar:

January 17       Semester 1 Report Cards sent home
January 18       LS Chapel; Honor Roll Awards
January 27       Clubs Start
January 30       House Games

Cheers to a fresh start, and to a prosperous New Year!


Ms. Kim Arganda
BISB Lower School Head Teacher

Other Notes:

After School: Students should stay with parents or in LS library to wait for club time to start. Because teachers are in their classrooms until 3:30 for remedials and meetings, no direct supervision is provided at the playground. Therefore:

  1. NO Parent, NO Play
  2. 1 parent to 1 child ratio

We love play, but we want our children to be safe.

In order to maintain the privilege of playing on the playground after school, kindly make sure that you are watching your child/ward at all times. If a child has been involved in an incident that happened after school, possible restrictions may be applied. (ex. A child may not be allowed to play after school because he/she did not follow the “no parent no play” rule.) 

Student Concerns: School-related student concerns/conflicts are to be handled by the school.  If a parent has seen a concern, the parent may report it to any teacher who is present or preferably, the homeroom teacher concerned.  If there is no teacher present, the parent may write a note about the incident to the homeroom teacher in the Assignment Notebook or send an email or text  to the LS Head Teacher; then to the Principal. If the incident happened after school, teachers will address the situation the next day. Concerns may be directed to the LS Head Teacher; then to the Principal.

Alternatively, if you would like to have a meeting with the teachers regarding your child/ward, please coordinate with Ms. Cot, our Lower School secretary, or write us a note in the Assignment notebook, so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

Student Work Displays: Parents are welcome to visit after school to see their child’s works on display at the walkways and Bridgers’ bulletin boards. During that time, remedials are being held. Kindly come back after 3:15 pm if you would like to meet with the teacher.

Drop Off: To foster independence, Lower School students are encouraged to walk on their own from the Drop-off area to Bridgers Hall. Please continue to remind your child to use the walkway found at the right side of Griffiths if they are not going to be dropped off near the Bridgers walkway.

Common Areas: We ask that during class hours, the common areas like the sandbox area and the picnic tables are kept free in order to be available as learning spaces and/or to keep our students focused.

Birthday parties: These may be done in Bridgers Hall for recess, or Griffiths Theater for lunch. Prior notice must be given to teachers for parties during recess (for lunch parties, please see/text/email Dr. Celeste). Please prepare for a simple celebration, preferably food and treats in goody bags to be shared with other students. Due to assigned duties, however, teachers might not be able to attend.

Pre-K and K

Mrs. Adamey Peniano
PK / K Homeroom

Ms. Angeline Curameng
PK / K Homeroom

Cheers to a new semester! 

As the new year and semester begins, we also welcome our new student, Esther (Pre-K). 

The first week of January will be on reviewing and recalling the topics we learnt in 1st semester. Afterwards, we will continue on with our regular lessons. 

For Language Arts, Pre-K will learn the letter sound of Hh, Rr, Mm, and Dd. For Kinder, we will learn the snap words: like, me, and we. We will also improve our reading skills by adding more reading powers to what we already have. Together, we will also learn digraphs (sh, ch, ng, qu, th, ck,…).  

For Writing, Pre-K will learn how to write their first name properly by starting with the big letter and the rest small letters. Kinder will start writing their full names with guide. 

In Math, after finishing the topic of sorting, we will move onto Chapter 7, “Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19”

We are looking forward to learning more things!

Grade 1

Ms. Elaine Ferrer Grade 1 Homeroom

Welcome to the new semester! It’s great to be back after the restful break. I’m glad that you’re all safe and sound.

Please be informed that for the 2nd semester, it will be Music class in lieu of Computer class, and Religious Studies will now be every Monday.

Lessons Update:

Language Arts- Long i, o, u; Vowel Pairs ee, ea; Naming Words for People, Animals, Things, Places; Naming Words for One or More

Math – Continuation of Chapter 8-Double Digit Addition and Subtraction;

Chapter 9-Measurement
Science – Insects
Social Studies – Homes

Cheers to the new decade! ☺

Grade 2

Mrs. Katrina Moredo
Grade 2 Homeroom

Welcome back! We’re ready to have more fun and more learning. 

Language Arts: I’ll be testing the kids on their new spelling levels and will be focusing on procedural and report writing this month. And as always…reading, reading and more reading! I’m hoping that we can start some reading into chapter books. 

Science: We will be studying the most exciting topic in 2nd grade…DINOSAURS! 

Math: January will also usher in different strategies in addition and subtraction which will then be scaffolded to do more than 3 digit addition and subtraction.

Art: The class will be decorating their own eco bags with their previous artwork. They will also be making their own paper mache dinosaurs to go along with their writing in Science/Language Arts. The Dino artwork will continue till the end of the year.

Grade 3

Ms. Kim Arganda
Grade 3 Homeroom

After an amazing and restful holiday break, we welcome the new year with new units in Grade 3. During the next few weeks, we will be learning about division, focusing on how it is related to subtraction and multiplication. Please continue reviewing multiplication facts and strategies with your children to help them become more confident as they learn division.

For Language Arts, we will cap off our units on nonfiction reading and writing with our creature study project on endangered species. The units on nonfiction highlight the importance of thinking while reading, so as they read, students are encouraged to ask questions, share their reactions, and make connections to what they already know. Students should be able to figure out information that matters from the various resources that they read. They will use these to grow ideas that they will be writing in their creature study.

In Social Studies, we will be learning about how communities change or stay the same over time. Towards the end of the month, Science will be more exciting as we experiment and study about matter. 

Grade 4

Mrs. Geraldine Reyes
Grade 4 Homeroom

I hope that each of you spent some time with your relatives, had plenty of laughter and took a moment to reflect on those things that are most important to you. I look forward to starting the Second Semester and working with your children again. Let’s work together to be collaborative, communicative, and supportive of one another. My goal is to provide a fulfilling and successful semester for each student.

In our classroom…

Math: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison (Lessons 6.5-6.8)
Language Arts: Reading History/Informational Writing
Social Studies: Heroes for Social Justice
Science: Electricity and Magnetism

Grade 5

Mrs. Deborah Roberts Grade 5 Homeroom

I’m so excited to begin the second half of the school year! As we return, we will be welcoming two new students to our classroom: Seo, Haejun (John) and Jeong, Mingyu (Andy). I know the class will enjoy discovering all these two new students have to contribute to our class. 

Here’s what we will be exploring and learning in January.

Math: Division of fractions and we will be discussing Mathematical Mindset with the hope of reducing math anxiety. 

Language Arts: Plot development through writing a fable and through a text study using Bridge to Terabithia. We will also continue working on in text citations through nonfiction expository writing.

Science: Reviewing different types of Environments and beginning Force and Motion.

Social Studies: Government and Citizenship