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November 2019

From the Head Teacher

Ms. Kim Arganda Lower School Head Teacher Grade 2 Homeroom

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome back from All Saints’ break! I hope you had a safe and restful one with your families, and that everyone is refreshed for the next part of the semester.

Though we still have a month before Christmas, we already have activities in store for you to feel the holiday spirit. Main character rehearsals for the Christmas production are held every Monday, from 3:15 to 4:30 pm in Griffiths Theater, and we continue to encourage the cast members to practice and memorize their lines at home. 

For the Christmas Bazaar, the Junior Student Council will be part of the litter patrol and will help sell tickets for a raffle that is raising funds of the Medical Dental Mission as well. We will also be preparing for the Community Day by bringing items for 12 Days of Christmas, our annual Lower School community outreach program, which starts this month. A letter will be sent home in the coming days outlining the items to be donated.

Field Day will also be happening this month, and you are welcome to join your Houses and compete in different events. Students should be wearing house shirts, P.E. shorts, and rubber shoes, and packing their water bottle, a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray. Snacks and lunches may be purchased at the concession stands near the soccer field, or brought from home. Pre-K and Kindergarten students will have an early dismissal at 11:30 am.

Finally, we will be having Book Awareness Week, to celebrate the National Reading Month. Activities include a local author visit, a Read-A-Thon, book trivia house games, and a book character parade on the last day. 

Here are the important dates for LS on our School Activities calendar:

November 14 and 21                    Practices for Field Day
November 16 and 17                    Christmas Bazaar
November 18 to December 3     Twelve Days of Christmas
November 18 to 29                       LS Read-A-Thon
November 22                                 Field Day
November 28                                 Beginner/ Junior House Games: Book Trivia
November 29                                 LS Book Character Parade                       

Let’s keep our spirits high in all our events this November! Please continue to regularly check the assignment notebook, the school website and the LS Bulletin Board (near the Drop Off Area) for updates. 


Ms. Kim Arganda
BISB Lower School Head Teacher

Other Notes:

Drop Off: To foster independence, Lower School students are encouraged to walk on their own from the Drop-off area to Bridgers Hall. Please continue to remind your child to use the walkway found at the right side of Griffiths if they are not going to be dropped off near the Bridgers walkway.

Common Areas: We ask that during class hours, the common areas like the sandbox area and the picnic tables are kept free in order to be available as learning spaces and/or to keep our students focused.

Parent-Teacher Meetings : If you wish to talk to the teachers about a concern regarding your child/ward, please coordinate with Ms. Cot, our Lower School secretary, or write us a note in the Assignment notebook, so we can find time to meet with you and address your concern.


After School: Students should stay with parents or in LS library to wait for club time to start. Because teachers are in their classrooms until 3:30 for remedials and meetings, no direct supervision is provided at the playground. Therefore:

  1. NO Parent, NO Play 
  2. 1 parent to 1 child ratio

We love play but we want our children to be safe.

Students are allowed to play as long as their own parents/guardians are supervising, within visible distance.

Birthday parties: These may be done in Bridgers Hall for recess, or Griffiths Theater for lunch. Prior notice must be given to teachers for parties during recess (for lunch parties, please see Dr. Celeste). Please prepare for a simple celebration, preferably food and treats in goody bags to be shared with other students. Due to assigned duties, however, teachers might not be able to attend.

Pre-K and K

Mrs. Adamey Peniano
PK / K Homeroom

Thank you parents for supporting and putting in effort for our UN Day activities especially the Food Fest! 

For November, the class will delve into our Science unit on Living Things and Animals.

For Kinder 

Language Arts – word families with short i, o and u, introduction to sight words (we call them tricky words) 

Math – 3D shapes and Classifying Data The Kinder students have brought home some Chapter Books of Go Math. Working on the pages would be a good review for the students.

Grade 1

Ms. Elaine Ferrer Grade 1 Homeroom

Welcome back from a well-deserved break! ☺

I would like to thank you, parents and guardians, for the sumptuous food and our well-decorated table, during the UN Day food fest. I am extremely grateful for all your effort.

Lessons Update:

Language Arts – Short Vowel Blends, Silent Letters, Clusters, Story Structure, Drawing Conclusions, Compare and Contrast, Sequence of Events, Telling, Asking, and Parts of Sentences
Math – Addition and Subtraction Relationships
Science – Plants
Social Studies – Mapping

A sweet November to everyone! ☺

Grade 2

Mrs. Katrina Moredo
Grade 2 Homeroom

UN Day is over and was it ever amazing. Thank you again for all your support. We’re finishing up our second book in GoMath! and then we will be moving on to Basic Facts and Relationships. Basically, we’ll be learning how to add and subtract better by looking at the different relationships between numbers. Please continue to practice regrouping in addition and subtraction as well as Math basic facts. 

In Social Studies, we’re going to be learning about the world around us, the different cultures, the similarities and the differences. 

In Language Arts, we’ll be learning to become experts at reading nonfiction and writing lab reports and Science books. It’s going to be a fun-filled month of learning this November!

Grade 3

Ms. Kim Arganda
Grade 3 Homeroom

Many thanks for all your efforts during the UN Day activities! We had a wonderful time with great food and creative displays. The third graders were also happy that they were able to contribute their “green city” ideas.  It was a good jumpstart to the lessons we will be having in Social Studies, which will cover people in communities. To gain more knowledge about different cultures, we will be studying how to read nonfiction texts in Language Arts. 

The strategies that they will learn from the LA unit will also be used in Science, where they will be making creature studies about endangered animals. Students can practice strategies in reading nonfiction by previewing text and pausing to think, “What are the main ideas and supporting details?”

 In Math, we will continue learning multiplication by a single factor. You can expect to see homework that provides practice with multiplication facts and strategies.

Grade 4

Mrs. Geraldine Reyes
Grade 4 Homeroom

We had wonderful UN festivities last month with the different activities to celebrate the diversity of our school. Congratulations to our 4th Grade class for winning the UN Food Fest table presentation in Lower School! Another busy month is coming up as we prepare for the Lower School Christmas Production, “All Aboard the Christmas Express.”  More details regarding costumes will be given out as we come closer to the date.

In our classroom…

Language Arts – Reading the Weather, Reading the World/Persuasive Essays

Math – Dividing by 1-digit Numbers

Science – Earth’s Changing Surface/Climate Change

Social Studies – Rainforest and Its People/Indigenous Languages

Grade 5

Mrs. Deborah Roberts Grade 5 Homeroom

I loved seeing the fifth-grade class in their regalia. Thank you all for sharing these different cultures with the school. Also, thank you to all the amazing parents who helped provide food for UN Day! It was DELICIOUS! 

Here’s what we’re learning.

Math: Finishing up Chapter 5 – Division with decimals and will begin adding and subtracting fractions (finding like denominators and reducing to simplest form) in Chapters 6 and 7.

Language Arts: We just “wrapped up” figurative language and writing our Tall Tales. We are beginning to write Nonfiction, Procedural books (How to) as we learn Chronological/Sequential text structure. We will finish the month by writing Fantasy books and learning descriptive text structure. 

Social Studies: We are about halfway through our Economics Unit. Students will be participating in the Fifth-grade Market Day on November 21st. Students will need to secure an investor, calculate how much each item costs to make, and then decide on fair market value to sell the items. This should be fun and interesting.

Science: Please look for a Google Classroom invitation to Science. We will begin with a unit on different environments.