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September 2019

From the Head Teacher

Ms. Kim Arganda Lower School Head Teacher Grade 2 Homeroom

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We just had our first full week in school, and the new month ushers in more exciting activities!

Thank you for supporting our Junior Council Welcome Socials last Friday! The LS students had a blast. Congratulations to our new officers for doing well as hosts of the party, as well as raising funds for JCo’s projects throughout the year. 

Practices are underway for Pep Rally, which means students should be wearing their house shirts on Thursdays. Reminders for their costumes will also be written in their assignment notebooks at least a week before the event. You may also celebrate Bulldog Pride with the rest of the Brent community by wearing the house colors during Pep Rally.

Another most awaited event would be Career Week, on the last week of September. We are grateful to parents who will be sharing about their careers. A guest speaker will also be presenting during our All School Chapel, and you are most welcome to join us. To culminate the activities for the week, students will also be participating in Career Dress Up Day, where they are encouraged to wear a costume showing a  career they are interested in.

Here are important LS dates on the School Activities Calendar for this month:

  • September 11 Auditions for LS Production (3:15-4:00pm)
  • September 12 Pep Rally practice
  • September 13 No Classes: Cordillera Administrative Region Special Non-Working Holiday
  • September 19 Pep Rally
  • September 23-27 Career Week
  • September 27 Career Dress Up Day

You may also check the assignment notebook, the school website and the LS Bulletin Board (near the Drop Off Area) for updates. Let’s have a fun and productive September!

Ms. Kim Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher

Other Notes:

 Drop Off: To foster independence, Lower School students are encouraged to walk on their own from the Drop off area to Bridgers Hall. Please continue to remind your child to use the walkway found at the right side of Griffiths if they are not going to be dropped off near the Bridgers walkway.

 Common Areas: We ask that during class hours, the common areas like the sandbox area and the picnic tables are kept free in order to be available as learning spaces and/or to keep our students focused.

 Parent-Teacher Conferences: If you wish to talk to the teachers about a concern regarding your child/ward, please coordinate with Ms Cot, our Lower School secretary, or write us a note in the Assignment notebook, so we can find time to meet with you and address your concern.

 After School: Students should stay with parents or in LS library to wait for club time to start. Because teachers are in their classrooms until 3:30 for remedials and meetings, no direct supervision is provided at the playground. Therefore:

  1. NO Parent, NO Play
  2. 1 parent to 1 child ratio

We love play but we want our children to be safe.

Students are allowed to play as long as their own parents/guardians are supervising, within visible distance.

Birthday parties: These may be done in Bridgers Hall for recess, or Griffiths Theater for lunch. Prior notice must be given to teachers for parties during recess (for lunch parties, please see Dr. Celeste). Please prepare for a simple celebration, preferably food and treats in goody bags to be shared with other students. Due to assigned duties, however, teachers might not be able to attend.

Pre-K and K

Mrs. Adamey Peniano
PK / K Homeroom

About 2 weeks into school and PK/Kinder have gotten into the groove of class routines. Self care and independence continue to be emphasized throughout the day.

This September, we will cover “Body Parts” and “Five Senses” for Science and the “Creation Story” for Religious Studies.

Kinder will finish up with letter sounds and move on to word families or CVC. In Math, they will continue with number concepts 6 to 10 and show different ways of making these numbers.

Grade 1

Ms. Elaine Ferrer Grade 1 Homeroom

Ms. Elaine Ferrer 

We are getting more comfortable in our daily routine now. The class is adjusting really well to their schedule. You can also feel their excitement whenever they have after school activities. Let’s support them all the way!

Here is an update of our lessons:

Language Arts: Phonics – Blending more short a/i words; Comprehension – Sequence; Compare & Contrast; Cause & Effect; Grammar – Using capital letters; Using punctuations.

Math: Subtraction Concepts

Science: Air

Social Studies: Philippines

Enjoy September!

Grade 2

Mrs. Katrina Moredo
Grade 2 Homeroom

It’s been a month! Woohoo! We’re now getting into the groove of things and we are flying! 

In Language Arts we’re focusing on learning how to write narratives and dig in deep to put more emotions and details into our writing.

In Science we are learning what kinds of food make us healthier and stronger. Everyone should be learning how to eat healthier and how to take better care of their bodies.

In Art we’re focusing on the different elements of art. I hope to put up their new project by the end of the month.

In Math, we’re gearing up to move on to the next chapter which will cover numbers from 1 to 1,000. Please touch base with your kids regarding the jump from 100s to another 100. Examples:

499 + 1 = 500
290 + 10 = 300

Thank you and have a wonderful September 🙂

Grade 3

Ms. Kim Arganda
Grade 3 Homeroom

The third graders have eased well into their daily tasks. This September, our math class will continue learning how to estimate and solve subtraction problems using numbers through hundreds, as well as interpreting and representing data. We will be comparing different communities in Social Studies, and studying how plants grow in Science. For our reading workshop, we will start with our class novel, Stone Fox by John Reynold Gardiner. This month will be packed with fun activities and events, and you are most welcome to join.

Grade 4

Mrs. Geraldine Reyes
Grade 4 Homeroom

All our activities are in full swing already. Our clubs have started and Pep Rally practices are well under way. Some of our 4th graders will be auditioning for our Christmas Production entitled, All Aboard the Christmas Express! Please continue to check the Assignment notebooks of your children for important reminders.

In the classroom…

Language Arts: Interpreting Characters/Writing Realistic Fiction

Math: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

Social Studies: Mapping/Current Events

Science: Water Cycle, Tracking the Weather & Climate

Grade 5

Mrs. Deborah Roberts Grade 5 Homeroom

It’s so nice to have a regular routine. Thank you all for getting your students to school on time and ready to learn! We have perfect attendance so far in 5th grade and I’m hoping to keep up this streak. We are also having outstanding homework submission! Way to go 5th grade!!!

Here’s where we are academically. 

Math – Chapter 1 Test on Friday, 9/6 and then we will begin Chapter 2: Divide Whole Numbers. On Google Classroom, there is an instructional video attached to each assignment if your student forgets how to do his/her math. Please utilize this resource. 

Language Arts – Our introduction to citing sources is over and our writing is posted on the bulletin board outside of our classroom. We are starting on our Narrative study. Currently, we are learning how to make our writing come to life by adding dialogue! 

Social Studies – We are continuing to learn about Human Migration through case studies, read-aloud, and direct instruction.  Next week, students will choose a group that has migrated to become an expert on, research that group, write a report, and give a presentation to the class.

Science – We will start Science in November.

Please check Bloomz regularly for updates as this is my main way of communicating with families. Also, I have sent an invitation to all parents to be a part of my Google Classroom. You can see your student’s grades and their homework assignments for the night.