November 16, 2020

Dear Lower School community,

We are all excited about Reading Awareness events for Lower School happening today until next week! We’ve already started with the LS assembly on reading awareness last Wednesday. It was fun to see everyone join in the book hunt. You’ll find the screenshots I took in this presentation, and the recording of the assembly in this link

As was mentioned in the assembly, we will be holding events to celebrate the love of reading in the coming weeks. Through these activities, we hope our students will be encouraged to read more and to share their reading experiences with the LS community. 

Here are the events for the Lower School reading awareness week: 

Virtual Read-A-Thon (Nov. 16-30)

LS students have a chance to add to their house points by setting and tracking their reading goals! In the Language Arts and ESL classes, students are setting appropriate daily reading goals. When they reach their goal, they will upload details on a padlet post under their grade level. 

Each post will be given one house point. Extra points are awarded to those who will upload a picture (2 points) or a video of them reading their book aloud (3 points). 

Final count for posts will be done at 3:00 pm, Monday, November 30. The house champion for the virtual read-a-thon will be announced during the LS Assembly.

Book Trivia Game (Nov. 23-27)

A virtual book trivia contest will be held to find the smartest bookworms! During lunch time (1:10pm-1:25pm) from Monday to Friday, students may join the contest through the Library Google Meet link. Questions will be shown during the live Meet, and answers will be submitted through a simple Google form. Winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.

Book Character Dress Up Day (Nov. 27)

Students are encouraged to dress up as a character from a book. They can post a photo or video on a padlet, showing their outfit and the book where the character is from. The best attire for each grade will be picked based on creativity, effort, and authenticity. We will also be awarding house points for participation. The dress code policy of the school still applies (please refer to the Student Handbook). 

Nothing can stop us from traveling to special places, meeting new characters, and learning more about the world and beyond… All we need is a book. May we have a wonderful time having adventures in reading, as we carry on our journey to becoming critical thinkers (ESLR 2)  and life-long learners (ESLR 7).

Thank you for your continued support in all our Lower School endeavors. 

Sincerely yours,

(SGD) Kim Pauline Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher

SGD) Dr. Celeste Coronado
School Principal
Brent International School Bagu