[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Brent International School Baguio values the cultures of our student body, promotes self-esteem and respect for countries of origin, and recognizes the contributions each can make in our diverse community.

BISB believes that diversity in language is a positive aspect of our school community and that students should be encouraged to value and explore their native language. Mothertongue usage is important to each student’s cultural identity and in establishing a foundation for linguistic understanding upon which second language learning can take place. It is also more likely to result in increased student success as well as parent’s likelihood to participate in their child’s education (Ball, 2010).

BISB believes it is important to make every student proficient in at least two languages, and encourage each student to reach the highest possible level of literacy in both. Several studies have shown the verbal and non-verbal cognitive advantages of multilingualism (Peal and Lambert, 1962; Barac et al, 2014; Yu & Schwieter, 2018). We believe that language is central to the development of global mindedness, allowing students to access a variety of experiences. Language acquisition should aim towards additive bilingualism: the second language learned shall be in addition to, and not replacing, the first language.

English is the common language of our school community and it must be spoken on campus as a matter of courtesy, empathy and respect.

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