We expect that each individual will make a unique contribution to achieving our learning results and we would like our students to be able to work individually and cooperatively to produce quality outcomes.

Brent International School Baguio, in a Christian environment prepares its students to be:


  • exercise leadership;
  • work effectively with others;
  • resolve conflicts productively and peacefully;
  • demonstrate a sense of civic awareness; and
  • contribute responsibly to the community.


  • distinguish between facts and opinions;
  • construct and recognize the structure of arguments;
  • define, analyze, and solve problems;
  • organize and analyze materials and data;
  • integrate information and see relationships;
  • evaluate information by drawing inferences and arriving at reasonable conclusions;
  • apply understanding and knowledge to new and different problems; and
  • remain open to new information, methods, values, and beliefs.


  • demonstrate basic technology skills;
  • apply technology ethically and productively;
  • communicate using technology;
  • conduct research using technology; and
  • use technology to enhance critical thinking.


  • articulate thoughts clearly;
  • demonstrate an understanding of their audience;
  • take responsibility for their message;
  • demonstrate the ability to listen actively; and
  • use a variety of communications skills.


  • respect themselves and others;
  • understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people;
  • deal effectively with conflict caused by diversity of opinions and beliefs; and
  • respect the role of gender, religion, culture, and ethnicity in the world.


  • understand and demonstrate physical, mental, and spiritual health;
  • develop the life-long health and fitness goals; and
  • understand substance abuse, its effects and consequences.


  • demonstrate intellectual curiosity;
  • are self-directed;
  • integrate and apply what they learn to improve their own lives;
  • understand the values of continuous learning;
  • reflect on and evaluate their learning for the purposes of self improvement; and
  • use a range of learning strategies and time management skills to enhance learning.