The Brent International School co-curricular program is meant to provide our students with diverse experiences to work in a global community and to develop the seven ESLRs and as well-rounded global citizens.

Church Services
Brent International School Baguio is an Episcopal Church-related School. The school is committed by heritage and educational philosophy to provide a Christian atmosphere, as well as a religious program that seeks to encourage students to establish values and standards for their lives.

Students are required to attend chapel services once a week and on important School occasions. Although the services follow the customs of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Brent’s spirit of ecumenism is maintained. While non-Christian as well as non-Episcopalian students attend chapel services, no attempt is made to convert them to the Episcopal Church.

The House System
All students from K to Grade 12 are assigned along with their siblings to be members of the Yellow Eagle, Blue Hawk or Red Falcon Houses. The House system aims to promote positive interaction and healthy competition within the school and involves all aspects of student life including academics, sports, culture and behavior.

Faculty work closely with student leaders in organizing activities and coaching students. After-school Thursday afternoons are designated for House Activities.
At the end of the school year, the House Cup is given to the House with the greatest number of points earned.

All Middle School and Upper School students are eligible to tryout for Brent sports teams. The sports offerings for Varsity are: soccer, basketball, and volleyball. ISAC (International School Activities Conference) sports tournaments are held with other international schools three times within a school year. The team coaches have the final say and responsibility for team selection as well as for discipline, equipment, and general behavior of the team. Team members are expected to attend all practices and scheduled games. All student athletes are representatives of Brent International School Baguio, and as such, are expected to act appropriately in all practices and competitions and to maintain their academic and citizenship standing. Students are required to complete a student Athletics/Sports Contract and have it signed by their parents or guardian. Individual training in various sports
may also be conducted according to student interest and coach availability.

Stage Productions
The school offers opportunities for students to participate in production, including appearing on stage, backstage support, costumes, props, scenery and lighting.

Club Options
A variety of clubs meet in the afternoons after class hours under the supervision of faculty, coaches and parent-volunteers. These offerings, which are optional, provide students the opportunity to develop their talents, skills and interests.

Community Service
All students are exposed to and encouraged to participate in community service or outreach activities. These activities are conducted in various ways: fundraising, gift-giving, barangay school campus sharing, tree planting, Christmas activities in barangays and selected public schools, book distributions, and a one-day MedicalDental Outreach Clinic to culminate all these. The StuCo and the NHS organizations and volunteer students take the lead in the planning, and implementation of some of these activities.

Field Trips
As a part of admission requirements, parents must sign a field trip authorization form allowing their child to participate in local field trips. For out-of-town field trips, all parental permission forms or waiver statements must be returned to the field trip faculty organizer 48 hours prior to the trip. Students without permission slips or waiver statements will not be allowed to go on the trip. On all field trips, either educational or recreational, students leave and return to the
school together. Students may leave the group only after returning to Brent School. Unless otherwise stated, students going on field trips are to be in school uniform and are expected to abide by all school rules. Students must travel to off-campus sites using school-approved transportation. Private cars are not allowed, unless approved in advance for exigent reasons by the Principal. Student-driven cars are not permitted.

In some instances, parents may be asked to chaperone field trips. For safety reasons, only designated chaperones will be permitted to accompany Lower School
field trips. Chaperones are required to actively take charge of and lead small groups; as such, no other family members – babies, toddlers or other children- are
permitted to accompany the chaperone. Only students enrolled in the class for which the field trip is intended may participate in the trip.

School Camps
For Grades 4 through 8, students are expected to take part in either day or overnight camps. These are a valuable way for students to experience activities and
challenges, build relationships, and gain independence and confidence. Camps are often associated with other Brent Schools, further fostering inter-campus relationships. All students are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in such a way as to bring credit to the school. Students who do not follow the camp rules and behavior expectations may be required to leave the camp in the company of an adult and return to school at their own expense.

Traditional to Brent Schools are four annual events which involve the attendance and participation of the entire Brent Community (to include Board of Trustees, alumni, Brentonians, parents, employees, church community, friends of Brent, and others). Students take the lead in the observation of these events: United Nation’s Day in October, Lessons and Carols in December, Field Day in February and Brent Day February-March.