Schools stand in a unique position, wherein there is an opportunity to observe and note the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect among its students. Therefore, every personnel  regardless  of  tenure,  rank  and/or  position has a moral and professional  obligation to report any and all abuse or suspected abuse of children immediately. 

Reporting and follow through of all suspected incidents will adhere  to due process with consideration for confidentiality  of  student  affairs. In all cases, the child’s safety and welfare is the primary concern. In  line  with  this, the Headmaster may decide to report cases of suspected child abuse/abusers and neglect to appropriate employment sponsors, to the respective embassies  of  the  parties  involved, to the appropriate child protection agency in the home country, and/or local authorities, if such is the appropriate course of action. 

BISB seeks to be a safe haven for students who may be experiencing abuse or neglect in any aspect of their lives. As such, the school will make this policy available to all parents and applicants. BISB endeavor to communicate this policy to students, provide training for all staff, and make every effort to implement hiring practices to ensure the safety of its  students. If a BISB employee was reported as an alleged offender, BISB will conduct a full investigation providing due process and keeping the safety of the child at the highest priority.