We are happy to help you with getting to know Brent International School Baguio better and help you decide if Brent International School Baguio is the right fit for your family.

Email or call us with questions, or schedule a tour to see our beautiful campus and learn more about how we support our students in mind, body, and spirit. Please send your inquiries to registrar@brentbaguio.edu.ph Ms. Jennie Umaging, Assistant Registrar.

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Brent International School Baguio has been in existence for over a hundred years, and we are proud of our Brent community, traditions, and initiatives that have made us such a special place of learning. These unique features are not limited to singular dates on our school calendar, but these are the daily and weekly habits integrated in our teaching and learning, spaces of learning and the natural environs of our Magic Mountain. Likewise, we are proud of our diverse, highly qualified, and internationally trained teaching and support staff who are dedicated to our school’s mission and values.

Brent International School Baguio offers a unique and holistic learning approach, keeping a balance in academic and co-curricular activities and thus fulfilling our mission.

Everyone who gets to live, work, and study in our school is a part of the Brent family and of a very special philosophy of learning:Â

Human strength is of a threefold character- physical, mental, spiritual. Each aspect of strength is more or less dependent upon and sensitive to the condition of the other two. A sound mind asks for a sound body as the normal medium of expression; and mind and body at their best form a feeble alliance unless a noble spirit animates both.”

-Bishop Charles Henry Brent

Dr. Celeste Coronado
School Principal