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Child Protection Policy


Schools stand in a unique position, wherein there is an opportunity to observe and note the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect among its students. Therefore, every personnel  regardless  of  tenure,  rank  and/or  position has a moral and professional  obligation to report any and all abuse or suspected abuse of children immediately.  Reporting and follow through of all suspected incidents will adhere  to due process with consideration for confidentiality  of  student  affairs. In all cases, the child’s safety and welfare is the primary concern. In  line  with  this, the Headmaster may decide to report cases of suspected child abuse/abusers [...]

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Academic Honesty


Brent International School Baguio is founded on the core values of our Christian heritage: love, honesty, excellence, integrity and respect for every member of the community. Membership in the student body carries with it a responsibility for the strict observance of moral and ethical behavior befitting an honorable person. Every member of the Brent community is therefore expected to show respect for themselves and others by guarding and abiding by these fundamental principles in all aspects of school life. Above all, the spirit of humility must underlie these ethical and moral standards and provide the foundation for proper conduct and [...]

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Principal’s Welcome


Dear Brent family, For the school year 2020-2021, at this time of distance learning, we continue with our strong commitment to our mission and the Brent Education Framework. We are proud to present to you our Magic Mountain in the Cloud (MMC) program. Please see our video as well of our Magic Mountain in the Cloud Program for SY2020-2021. Program Primer:Brent Baguio_ Magic mountain in the cloud (3).pdf The MMC program is a set of inclusive and innovative  strategies, approaches, and structures for the school year. Providing services for our children that are “world class with the heart and [...]

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The Brent Framework


The Brent Education: A Framework, is a guide to the model of education practices at all Brent Schools. Within this document both the ideals and practical principles that have made each Brent School a world class institution with the heart and warmth of a family are identified and explained. The document begins with an explanation of the underlying philosophical positions that define the unique Brent mission and overall direction. The framework then explains how the educational practice flows directly from that mission and philosophy. Lastly, the framework explains the perspectives and processes through which a sustained and renewed educational model [...]

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MMC Resources


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Spritual Life


Brent International School Baguio is an Episcopal Church-related School. The school is committed by heritage and educational philosophy to provide a Christian atmosphere, as well as a religious program that seeks to encourage students to establish values and standards for their lives. Students are required to attend chapel services once a week and on important School occasions. Although the services follow the customs of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Brent’s spirit of ecumenism is maintained. While non-Christian as well as non-Episcopalian students attend chapel services, no attempt is made to convert them to the Episcopal Church.

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Brent Bulletin #15


Dear Brent family, TGIF once again, and what a great week it was for our Brent family! Let's continue to support each other in this last quarter of the school year.

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Brent Bulletin #14


With the release of the Mid-Semester reports, we want our families to know that we are here to support and cheer our students on as we approach the last quarter of the school year, especially at this time of the pandemic and distance learning.

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In compliance with the minimum health protocols, everyone is requested to accomplish the
EMPLOYEE Health Checklist Form or the VISITOR Health Checklist Form

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