Dear Brent Community,

We are excited about Book Awareness Week happening next week on November 14-18. As Brentonians, we believe that reading is truly essential in developing leaders and lifelong learners (ESLR 7)!

We are happy to share with the community our upcoming activities next week!

Huge thanks to Ms. Paulita Egino for hosting the MS and LS Book Trivia sessions as well as to Ms. Kat Moredo for being the conduit of such wonderful opportunities for our school to have these awe-inspiring authors/writers on Wednesday, November 16!  Here’s more information on our assembly speakers:

Also, both our LS and MS/US libraries will have new books next week featuring the works of local authors! Come and see what we have!

Finally, while we have traditionally hosted book fairs on campus, this year, we would like to encourage our Brent Community to visit Mt Cloud bookshop and support local authors and Cordilleran literature. The bookshop is very conveniently located right across from our school:

Thank you and we look forward to a memorable week celebrating our love for reading, writing, and libraries!

More updates to come on Monday via the Brent Bulletin! Have a good week everyone!


Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal