Dear Brent Community,

Let me first express my gratitude to the entire Brent community for your strength and courage. We are in an extremely difficult time right now and the support amongst our families, students, employees, and friends has been strong.

We hope to return to regular classroom instruction, but we must also prepare for the possibility that the current quarantine will be extended. Given the present global trajectory of the pandemic and being conscious of individual family disruptions and your need to make future plans, Brent International School Baguio will be making several adjustments to the school year regardless of whether or not we return to classroom instruction.

Priority will be given to completing educational requirements so that our students will have the educational background and transcripts necessary to successfully continue on to the next grade level.

It deeply pains us to cancel a number of long-cherished assemblies and ceremonies, but even if we are able to return to classrooms, it seems likely that large gatherings will continue to be discouraged. The opportunities for closure and to celebrate accomplishments are important, and we encourage families to find ways to formally recognize their children’s hard work. We too will continue looking for alternative ways to recognize and celebrate our students. That being said, the following events will no longer be held in person regardless of whether or not we return to classroom instruction:

  • Easter Eucharist
  • Weekly chapel/assemblies
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • LS Easter Egg Hunting
  • IB Art Exhibit
  • Thursday meetings (in May)
  • Math Bee
  • Medical Dental Optical Mission
  • Brent Day
  • MAP Testing
  • PTA Shoppers Day
  • SAT
  • LS/MS Science Fair
  • Clubs
  • Year End Staff gathering
  • Sport Awards Assembly
  • Activity Awards Assembly
  • Moving Up Awards and Assemblies
  • Upper School Prom

The school year will now end several days earlier given the additional instructional time gained by eliminating assemblies, MAP testing, etc. We also have the following dates:

  1. Last day of senior classes will be on Tuesday, April 28.

  2. Final exams* for seniors will run Thursday, April 30 through Friday, May 4.

  3. Final exams* for Grades 9-11 will run Friday, May 15 through Tuesday, May 19.

  4. Makeup exams and the faculty in-service will be held on Wednesday, May 20.

  5. Graduation and the pick up of report cards will be held on Thursday, May 21.

*The extent to which “final exams” will be carried out is still up for discussion as we continue to monitor the situation and as we strategize best practice.

On Graduation:

We will be communicating with our seniors and considering a variety of options for graduation. A ceremony in whatever form it may take will be held on Thursday, May 21.

Next School Year:

The first day of classes for students next school year (2020-2021) will be moved to Monday, August 10 in order to add a bit more flexibility at the beginning of the year. The 2020-2021 School Calendar will be shared very soon.

We are hopeful that these changes, though disappointing, will allow students, families and teachers to streamline their focus and remove some of the unknowns, giving everyone greater latitude in planning.


Mr. Brett Petrillo