Dear Brent families,

This morning, August 15, Monday, was the first time since March 9, 2020, that we had our flag-raising ceremony. What a wonderful and special moment shared by all after 2 years and 5 months or 29 months!

As a whole school, we sang the Philippine National Anthem and the Brent School Hymn– thanks to our Grade 12 Filipino class and Cassey Cunanan (keyboard). This was followed by some updates and announcements by the Student Council and a prayer for the week by the National Honor Society. Mr. Dick Robbins, President/CEO of Brent Baguio, Subic, and Manila (Brent Schools Inc.) joined us this morning, and he shared an inspirational message of hope, resilience, building relationships, and being a good community member, especially at this time.

Thanks to the Student Council (Mr. Joshua and Ms. Geraldine –  supervisors), National Honor Society (Bb. Nelly and Ms. Donna- supervisors),  the Grade 12 Filipino class (Sammy Bangsoy &, Cassey Cunanan (Grade 12), and the Flag Ceremony team (Media– Mr. Kurt, Mr. Gilbert, Dr. Geverlyn, and SIC Michael) for all their hard work! Here’s sharing some photos:

*documentation by Mr. Kurt Salvador

Here are some updates as well:

  1. School Tea Parties – get to know your child’s teachers, meet your fellow Brentonian parents, and our Parent-Teacher Association.



August 24 Wednesday 3:15-4:15

Lower School Tea Party

Venue: Dining Hall

August 25 Thursday 3:15-4:15

Middle and Upper School Tea Party

Venue: Dining Hall

2. Lunches dropped at the guardhouse-Kindly label the lunch pack with the name and grade of the student when dropped off at the guardhouse. It will help us distribute these to designated tables per grade level. Thank you!

 3. Locks for lockers- For Grade 6-12 students | We ask that students bring locks for their lockers (due today, Monday, August 15). We need our students’ books and things secured in their lockers.

Parent and Student Resources Interface Page– Essential student-parent resources (school calendar, Student Parent Handbook, Faculty Directory, SEL resources, etc.) are accessible for reference throughout the school year. This is a dynamic page and is updated regularly and is available on our website.

Guided by our mission, values, ESLRs, and this year’s school theme, “Be a good community member”, we are excited for what is to come as we start a full year of safe and enjoyable face-to-face classes.

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and administration, here’s wishing us all a good first full week of school!

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal