Dear Brent families,

In our sixth week, it’s amazing to see our students enjoying their classes, classmates, and our beautiful campus to the fullest extent!  Also, with Pep Rally practices and ISAC practices ongoing as well as our CAS clubs having started this week, we are excited to see students across grade levels interact, build camaraderie and learn from each other.

Here’s celebrating some highlights of the week:

  1. Clubs | Thank you and well done for a great start to all our CAS club student participants, student-leaders, and faculty facilitators! Cheering for you all!

  1. Boys and Girls Volleyball Team Bonding Night | Friday-Saturday, September 23-24

The Boys & Girls teams will have a potluck and overnight bonding tonight! Here’s cheering for our teams! Coaches will be present to act as chaperones during the event. Thanks to Coach Drew for organizing the event and chaperoning the Boys’ team and Coach Laura for the Girls’ team!

  1. Congratulations to our PTA Officers and Representatives


  • LS Coordinator – Geraldine Ku
  • K Homeroom Rep – Aiza Emslie
  • Korean Coordinator – Kim Dilly

PTA Officers

President: Ms. Joy Cascato
Vice President: Mrs. Jardz Bautista
Secretary: Mrs. Joanna Orendain and Mrs. Alona Ortiz
Treasurer: Mr. Drew Hare and Mr. Joseph Nicholas Velilla

Homeroom Representatives:

K- Gr. 3 – Irize Aquino
Gr. 4-5 – Joanna Orendain
Gr. 6-7 – Alona Ortiz
Gr. 8 – Jardz Bautista
Gr. 9 – Pia Tuason
Gr. 10 – Pauline Salvador
Gr. 11 – Geraldine Reyes
Gr. 12 – Cathy Williams

  1. College Visits: Grades 11 and 12 met with representatives from Enderun College, Southville International Schools and Colleges, and EducationUSA yesterday, September 22, Thursday. Thanks to our students and parents for attending! Thanks to Ms. Almae for coordinating these visits! 

  1. Parent Information afternoon for Grade 11 parents

Thank you to Mr. Paul Engler and Ms. Almae Caluya for hosting a Parent Support Session on Supporting Your Child in Grade 11 on Wednesday, September 21. The information gained from the presentations and discussions aimed to help parents understand the workload and context of our Juniors, gather ideas on how to best support them, and be prepared for their college applications. Slides can be accessed here for your reference.  Thanks to our parents for attending and here’s cheering for our juniors!

  1. Host Country Assembly | Thanks and well done to Bb. Nelly Doliente, the Grade 11 Filipino class, Ms. Pau Egino, and Dr. Julie for a sincere and lovely presentation about the Philippines and Baguio (host country and host city)during the All-School Assembly on Wednesday, September 21. ??????

Looking ahead:

Thursday, Pep Rally Practice Dates and Venues | from Coach Boy

September 29 – Blue house gym, 30 minutes then Little theater | Red house, Little theater, 30 minutes then gym | Yellow House, chapel

October 6 – Blue house, chapel | Red house, gym 25 minutes then little theater | Yellow House, Little Theater, 25 minutes then gym

October 13 – Performance day!

Career Week | From Ms. Almae Caluya, Guidance Counselor

On September 26, Monday to September 30, Friday our school will be celebrating our annual Career Awareness Week where we have the opportunity to develop as responsible citizens, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners!

We will be having the following activities:

  1. Lower School Afternoon with Northern Exotic Wildlife Troopers (NEWT). This will be on Monday, September 26 at 2:30 PM. We are excited to offer our students an opportunity to explore and appreciate different careers through our activities during Career Week.

What: Career Week Lower School Afternoon with NEWT Northern Exotics Wildlife Troopers

When: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2:30-3:30 P.M., Where: Open Court/Little Theater (in case of rain)

  1. Our Lower School students will get a chance to interact with volunteer staff who have chosen to protect wildlife as one of their career advocacies.

  2. Career Talks and Demonstrations for all grade levels will be done from Tuesday, September 27 to Friday, September 30. Each class will have a guest career speaker who will talk about their profession. There will also be a chance to interact and demonstrate some of the skills used in each field.

  3. Career Dress-up Day will be on Friday, September 30. We invite all students, faculty, and staff to wear a career attire of their choice on this day. We are awarding house points for all students dressed appropriately. In addition, we will be selecting the best-dressed student in each class. Each winner will get a P50 gift certificate to be used at the school’s cafeteria. The winners will also have their photos featured on our school website!

Judging of the best attire will be based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – mix and match accessories and clothes which effectively represent the career chosen.

  • Effort and appeal – use of props and accessories effectively impact the overall presentation.

  • Authenticity – Does the outfit look like the real thing?

We would like to emphasize that the school dress code still applies. 🙂

We look forward to everyone exploring different career opportunities and plans with the help of the whole Brent Community through these different activities!

Online grade books on BASIS

We highly encourage parents/guardians and students to check running grades on BASIS. Here are the instructions: Accessing the BASIS Parent Portal Instructions.

For students with outstanding work, here are the following:

  1. Teachers will send/sent follow-up emails/messages to give early notice to families.

  2. We will appreciate a follow-up at home with the student.  Kindly let us know how we can be of help by contacting your child’s subject teacher, Ms. Almae Caluya, and/or Dr. Celeste Engler. We would like to approach challenges as compassionately and caring as possible while ensuring quality learning.

  3. For Grades 4-12 students, using an ‘M’ (missing) when computing the running grade has a significant impact on the average grade.  However, the ‘M’ mark can be updated once your child/ward submits his or her missing work or completes any outstanding requirements.

Student Activity form | As we look forward to resuming and initiating a variety of special student activities, we can once again use the student activity form. This form is made available on our website under “resources”.

“Special student activities” means any activity that involves the support of numerous departments and are specially scheduled events that involve a group of students or the whole school. These activities will always have a faculty/adult supervisor who will be filling out the form or who will be supervising the filling out of the form.

This form helps communicate the following:1) special arrangements with other departments (maintenance, kitchen, security, IT, transportation, accounting, purchasing, library, admin support, clinic, and safety)  2) risk assessment plans

3) budget and safety needs.

Some upcoming events in October:


7- Midsemester Reports released

3-7- Parents/students sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences via Google form

10- PTC day

11-Quarter 2 starts | Q2 IB HL Focus classes

24-28 UN Week

Parents, guardians, and students are most welcome to share noteworthy news and achievements through the Brent Bulletin. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Celeste (Principal’s Office).

Our Activities Calendar is regularly updated and is also posted on our website.  Also, anyone with a Google email address can add our school’s Activities Calendar to their calendars.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal