Dear Brent families,

As we enter the second half of the first semester, we look forward to strengthened partnerships among members of the Brent community. Today’s Parent-Teacher conferences are one of the most effective ways to support student achievement and growth. Thank you to all our parents, guardians, and students for attending!

Here’s sharing some highlights from last week:

  1. Career Week Talks – We had two more career talks/demonstrations during classes last week. Thank you so much to Manong Eddie Wayan for sharing his experiences around floral arrangements with Grade 2/3.



Thank you as well to our very own parent, Mr. Ben Gertes and his team, for sharing his life experiences and Project Lightning with our Grade 8 students!



Visit our padlet: for more pictures and updates on Career Week+ events!

  1. PTA Induction- Thanks to the chapel team: Mrs. Donna Nebrija, Ms. Laura Johnson, our Grade 11 officers, Dr. Julie Sibucao, Mr. Kurt Salvador, Dr. Gev Sacley, our student performers, acolytes, Maintenance/Kitchen/Principal’s Office/Accounting staff for all their hard work in making today’s PTA induction service a meaningful and solemn one. It was much appreciated by the PTA! ?♥️?

Update: Grade 8 Representative- Ms. Melan Ku-Marquez

  1. Teachers’ Day- Thanks so much to our NHS supervisors Bb. Nelly and Ms. Donna, our NHS officers and members for a very heartwarming and tummy-filling Teachers’ Appreciation Day this morning! How special, meaningful and memorable! Cheers to our teachers! You are loved!?♥️?♥️??

A huge thank you to our PTA as well for the lovely lunch surprise in celebration of Teachers’ Day!

More updates/photos to come on the following:

1. Subic Cup (held this weekend, October 8),

Well done to our Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball teams! We’re proud of you! Thanks to Coach Drew for coordinating and chaperoning along with Coach Laura! Thanks as well to  Coaches Vince and Clarie!


2. Pep Rally (see email from Coach Boy)

3. UN Week+ (email to come from Mr James Young this Friday).

Go Bulldogs!

Have a good week ahead, everyone!



Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal