Dear Brent families,

Welcome back from the All Saints Break! We hope you had a restful and meaningful break.

Here are some updates for this week and for the rest of the month: 

  1. From Student Council: Congratulations to the winners of the  Anti-Bullying Poster-Making Contest from October 13 – 21. We have Paolo Marquez (Gr. 8), Jane Choi (Gr. 10), and Danica Bautista (Gr. 11)!

Danica Bautista (Gr. 11)

Jane Choi (Gr. 10)

 Paolo Marquez (Gr. 8)

  1. Activities this week

November 8 Tues- 3:00 pm. NHS Helping Hands visit with NHS supervisors, Bb. Nelly and Ms. Donna

November 8 Tues- Grade 4/5 Baguio Botanical Gardens Visit (Block 1 and Recess) with Ms. Laura and Ms. Kat

November 8 Tues- the University of Navarra, Spain college talk with Grade 9-12 ℅ Ms. Almae

November 9 Wed-  Wednesday, November 9- All School chapel | Speaker: Mrs. Candy Reyes Alipio of the Knitting Expedition (Social Enterprise- Mountain Economy). Parents/guardians are invited!

November 10- Thurs- Grade 9/10 Beneco Field Trip with Mr. Kurt Salvador

November 10- Thurs- House Games- Crab Soccer for Intermediates and Seniors ℅ Coach Boy

November 11 Fri – JCo Non-Uniform Day (Autumn Theme)

November 11 Fri -Grade 12 Seniors’ Bonding Camp (Brent Campus) with Mr. Paul, Bb. Nelly and Ms. Donna


14-18 | Mon-Fri Book Awareness / LS Readathon

16 | Wed | LS, MS and US Assemblies featuring local book authors

18 | Fri LS Book Character Parade

22-23| Tues-Wed | Ganza School Photos

25|Fri| – Grade 8 Class bonding overnight on campus

26 | Sat|  – BM 11 and 12 Field Trip to Baguio Benguet Community Credit Cooperative (BBCCC) and Good Shepherd’s Mountain Maid Training and Development Foundation Inc (MMTDFI)

29 | Tues|  – PTA Gen Assembly


December 8, Wednesday, 8 a.m.-11:30 AM

We would like to share with you the details of the community project combining MS Religious Studies, MS Homeroom, and CAS. The program and activities were planned with the help of Teacher Tess and SP Son (Grade 12). The goals of the community service project are

  1. Collaboration project between MS students and CAS

  2. Apply values and principles learned from RS lessons

  3. Plans to sustain the project for the benefit of the target community

The program will feature an opening assembly, and activity stations for dance, arts and crafts, music, and sports. These will be held in different areas of the campus.

Middle School students will also be gathering items for the Christmas bag to be distributed to the participants. MS students will bring one item each day beginning Nov. 21 until Dec. 2. More details to come. Cheering for our Middle School students and faculty!

Have a good week ahead, everyone!

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal