Dear Brent Community:

As we stand on the threshold of the final two weeks before the Christmas break, let the spirit of unity and resilience resonate throughout our Brent community.

In this edition of the Brent Bulletin, let’s reflect on the collective successes that have defined our semester and set the tone for a festive and fulfilling conclusion to the year.


1. Lessons and Carols:

  • A sincere congratulations on the success of the Lessons and Carols event! The collective effort and commitment displayed during the general rehearsals and the actual event were truly commendable. Photos of the event will be shared soon! WELL DONE TO ALL!

2. Last Week of Clubs:

  • Kudos to everyone involved in making the last week of clubs a memorable and engaging experience for our students. Your efforts in fostering a positive and enriching club environment are highly appreciated.

3. STUCO Assembly:

  • A big thank you to the STUCO members for their dedication and hard work. The meetings and assembly on Thanksgiving were instrumental in fostering a sense of community and collaboration across all school levels.

4. Philippine Mathematics Olympiad:

  • A round of applause to our Mathletes – Dohyun Kim, Yewon Choi, Phylan Salvador, Rhian Padua, Jingyang Sun, Bernardo Vergara, Hyeonseo Choi, Czarleiz Alvarez, and Sangseo Yoon. Thanks to Mr. Joshua Paludipan for preparing our students for the Philippine Mathematics Olympiad.

5. Sports Practices and Board Meetings:

  • Shoutout to the athletes for their dedication to sports practices. Also, a special mention to those involved in the Brent Baguio, Manila, and Subic Board Meetings and The Residences at Brent tour – your commitment to excellence shines through!


6. AUTHOR APPRECIATION | With heartfelt gratitude, we extend our appreciation to Ms. Giselle Nevada, a distinguished member of the Class of ’95 and the talented author behind ‘The Puppy Adventures of Porter & Midge: Out and About’ and ‘Porter & Midge Paws for Safety: A Kids Guide to Safe Dog Interactions.’ We also want to express our thanks to Mrs. KC Nevada-Ambrose, Class of ’96, for her invaluable support in bringing these delightful books to our community. These books are now available for check out at our library.  Your dedication to fostering a love for literature is truly inspiring.

More information about Ms. Giselle Nevada and her published books here.


Upcoming Events:


LS/MS Days remaining before the break

US Days remaining before the exams | DEC 13-15

Day 1



Day 2




Exciting news! ? Today’s PTV 4 broadcast includes a special segment – Angel Alert! Tune in at 4:00 PM on PTV Cordillera Facebook page, and YouTube channel. ?? #BrentNews #AngelAlert  (35 min. mark) or or

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 5.35.47 PM.png



Night Rehearsal

TDR costume

Call times

Main cast: 4:30 pm

Everyone else: 5:00 pm

Please be in costume for each performance.

TDR rehearsal:  6 pm – 7 pm

December 4, 2023


Late start for Lower School

10 a.m.

Note: PreK dismissal remains @ 11:30

December 5, Tuesday

General Rehearsal


3 – 4:30 pm

December 5, 2023


Technical rehearsal or possible 1st performance

Call times

Main cast: 4:30 pm

Everyone else: 5:00 pm

Please be in costume for each performance.

TDR rehearsal:  6 pm – 7 pm

December 6, 2023


Late start for Lower School

10 a.m.

Note: PreK dismissal remains @ 11:30

December 7, Tuesday


6:00 pm

December 7, 2023


Ticket Sales: We are delighted to announce that tickets for “ANGEL ALERT” will be available for purchase for the whole week until showtime. The cost of each ticket is 150PHP. You can purchase tickets at the following locations:

  • At the Accounting Office starting December 1, Friday

  • At the door on the night of the performance


2. Tuesday- December 5 – CAS Assembly at the Chapel

3. Wednesday- December 6- Last chapel of Semester 1 at the Chapel

  • LS First Performance- Angel Alert- 6:00 p.m.

4. Thursday- December 7 – LS Second Performance- Angel Alert- 6:00 p.m.

  • PTA Christmas Party, 7 p.m. (after the LS Production) | Venue: Dining Hall or Neutral. More information from the PTA to come!

  • No house games

5. Friday and Saturday, December 8 and 9

  1. Dec. 8, Friday, no classes

  2. Dec. 8 and 9-|  Winter Cup 2023, organized by the United Footballers for Christ (UFFC), is happening on December 8th, Friday and 9th, Saturday at Teachers Camp. Details to follow from Coach Boy.

  3. Dec. 9 |  We’re excited to announce an upcoming Orphanage Visit organized by the National Honor Society. On December 9, 2023, Saturday, from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, our NHS members, guided by Bb. Nelly Ann Doliente and Ms. Almae Caluya, will engage in activities at the Helping Hands Healing Hearts Orphanage. This initiative aims to cultivate community spirit among our students and provide them with valuable experiences beyond the classroom. Approximately 13 students will be participating, contributing to the well-being of our wider community.

8. Other events:

  • Grade 11 Business Pitch Project 2023- December 4, 6 and 11, 2023. Thank you to all our volunteer judges- parents, faculty and staff. Thanks to Ms. Donna Nebrija for organizing this exciting assessment!


9. Sem 1 Assessments: Another email will be sent out

Sem 1 MS Submission dates: December 7-December 15

MS/US Exams- December 13-15


10. Brent Staff Christmas Fellowship – December 13, Wednesday.


11. Other announcements:

Together, let’s make these remaining days memorable, filled with encouragement and shared moments.

May the Brent values continue to inspire us, and may the festive season bring joy and warmth to each member of our Brent International School family. Here’s to a successful conclusion of the semester and a well-deserved and rejuvenating Christmas break for all soon!


Dr. Celeste R. Engler
Headmaster/Head of School
Brent International School Baguio