As we enter the last full week of Semester 1, we’re excited to share some important updates and extend heartfelt acknowledgments. Your dedication has been instrumental in making this semester a success. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our collective achievements and look forward to the upcoming Christmas break.

Updates for the week:

1. Monday, December 11-Thank you to all who came to watch and enjoy the show! Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Stanley Engle who traveled all the way to Baguio from the US! Thank you to Kian Ku (Gr. 5) for a lovely intermission number and Amos Paatan (Gr. 12) for hosting the program well.

2.Tuesday, December 12-  Long homeroom: Homeroom teachers will use this time to do the following:

  1. Go over exam guidelines (Upper School)

  2. Go over the exam/assessment submission schedule.

  3. Discuss Christmas class party plans (Lower School, Middle School, Upper School)

  4. Other end of semester reminders

3. Wednesday, December 13 | Dismissal and Pick up reminder

Staff Christmas Fellowship  on Wednesday, December 13, parents/guardians are requested to pick up their children on time at 2:45 p.m. as we will have our Staff Christmas Fellowship from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. outside of campus. There will be no supervision on campus. Thank you for the support and understanding. 🙂

4. Semester Exams for US and Submission Dates of MS. Here are the details:

Middle School and Lower School:

Regular classes will continue until December 14, Thursday.

Classes on December 15, Friday, will conclude at 12:30 p.m.

End-of-semester activities/assessments are scheduled for Lower School. PreK dismissal will remain the same.

In Middle and Lower School, we use performance or project-based assessments instead of regular exams.

Upper School:

Exams for Upper School students will be held from December 13 to 15.

Each exam day will conclude at 12:30 p.m.

Parents/Guardians are requested to ensure their children are at the exam venues (Grade 11/12 – Reflection Center | Grade 9/10 – Ogilby Room 6) by or before 7:45 a.m.

Students are dismissed at 12:30 p.m. unless they have a class Christmas party. Note: NHS is hosting a Christmas-themed Non-Uniform Day on December 15, Friday.

Class Christmas Parties:

Lower School/Middle School:

  • On Friday, December 15, students will attend Blocks 1 & 2 classes.

  • Class parties will take place in Block 3 from 11:15 to 12:30.

  • NHS is hosting a Christmas-themed Non-Uniform Day.

Upper School:

  • Class parties may occur after exams from 12:30 to 1:30 between December 13-15.

  • Details will be communicated to parents/guardians beforehand by homeroom teachers.

Report Cards:

Report cards for the first semester will be available for pick up on the first Friday of next semester, January 12th.

If any students will not be returning next semester and require an early report card, please make a request to our Admissions Office by Monday, December 11th.

Semester 2:

Classes will resume on Monday, January 8th, Day 1.

Dress Code starting Semester 2:

  • Monday-Wednesday: Please wear official Brent uniform jackets (the ones purchased from the bookstore).

  • Thursday-Friday: Varsity, NHS, STUCO, House, and other Brent apparel via organizations are allowed.

5. Acknowledgments:

  • Well done to Lower School for an amazing Angel Alert production! Congratulations to T. Kat and the team!

  • Winter Cup 2023, organized by the United Footballers for Christ (UFFC), happened on December 8th and 9th at Teachers Camp. Thanks to Coach Boy for organizing and to Coach Grace, Nurse Glaiza, Coach Drew and Manong David for supporting! Big thanks to our parents and students who supported our players in so many ways! Thanks to T. Geraldine for the photos!

  • Congratulations to the National Honor Society on their Orphanage Visit on December 9, 2023. Well done to our NHS members, Bb. Nelly Ann Doliente, and Ms. Almae Caluya. Thank you for spreading the Christmas cheer with them!

Congratulations Grade 11 IB Business Management class for their Gr 11 Business Pitch 2023 under the guidance of Ms. Donna Nebrija, presented innovative ideas that showcased their creativity, critical thinking, and dedication. We’d like to acknowledge our parent-judges and staff/faculty: Ms. Maggie Po, Mrs. Marissa Caluya, Mr. James Young, Mr. Paul Engler, Ms. Jessica Marie Junio, Mr. Ben Gertes, Mrs. Jardz Bautista, Ms. Glaiza Tan, Mr. Glen Flores and Mrs. Joy Cascato. Your valuable feedback and insights contributed to the success of the event and left a lasting impact on our students’ growth.


May the Brent values continue to inspire us, and may the festive season bring joy and warmth to each member of our Brent International School family. Here’s to a successful conclusion of the semester and a well-deserved and rejuvenating Christmas break for all soon!

Cheering for all our Bulldogs! You got this!

Dr. Engler
Dr. Celeste R. Engler
Headmaster/Head of School