Dear Brent Community,

Brent Cup acknowledgments| A Special Thank You to Our Incredible Community

We extend our deepest appreciation to Coach Drew Hare and the entire Brent Cup team for their outstanding efforts in organizing Season 2’s Brent Cup held on Saturday, January 13. Your dedication and planning have truly elevated the event!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed faculty, dedicated support staff, all departments, including IT, Maintenance, Clinic, Security, Transportation, Library, and Kitchen, as well as the supportive PTA, dynamic STUCO, supportive students, spirited athletes, and the amazing parents/guardians/families who joined us to support and cheer during the games. Your collective contributions played a pivotal role in making the Brent Cup a resounding success.

Your commitment to excellence, teamwork, and community spirit reflects the true essence of the Brent community. Thank you for your unwavering support and for making this event a memorable and impactful experience for everyone involved.

Cold Weather Clothing Guidelines

As we embrace the cooler weather, our priority is to ensure that our students stay warm and comfortable while upholding the Brent dress code. To address the prevailing chilly conditions, we are providing comprehensive winter attire guidelines:

  • Warmers Under Uniform:

    • Students are permitted to wear warmers underneath their Brent uniform for additional warmth.

  • Brent Apparel as Outermost Layer or Non-Brent jacket option

    • While additional layers, including non-Brent jackets, are permitted, we emphasize the importance of choosing Brent apparel for the outermost layer. Your cooperation in upholding this guideline is greatly appreciated.

  • Non-Brent jackets are allowed for use until further notice.

  • Auxiliary Items:

    • In response to the weather, students are allowed to incorporate the following auxiliary items:

      • Mufflers: for added warmth around the neck.

      • Ear Muffs: as an accessory to shield against the cold

      • We believe these guidelines strike a balance between comfort and adherence to our school’s standards. Please remind students to choose these auxiliary items with discretion, ensuring they complement the overall school dress code.

Explore the available choices at the bookstore to find suitable Brent apparel for the season. Your cooperation in maintaining a professional and unified appearance as much as possible, is greatly appreciated.

Updates for the week:

Monday, January 15 – Day 2

  • Sports Practice

Tuesday, January 16 – Day 1

  • Mandarin Festival Activities Rehearsal during Long Homeroom (7:45-8:25)

Wednesday, January 17 – Day 2

  • Academic Awards

  • Mandarin Festival Activities

  • Sports Practice

Please take note of the special schedule for Wednesday: SPECIAL SCHEDULE ACADEMIC AWARDS AND MANDARIN FESTIVAL| JANUARY 17, WEDNESDAY | draft as of Jan 9, 2024 | to be finalized Jan. 10


Academic Awards chapel


Mandarin Assembly chapel


Table activities at the Dining Hall with morning snacks and PRIZES!



(Dismissal of PreK)











Thursday, January 18 – Day 1

  • House Games- Ultimate Frisbee (All Levels)

Friday, January 19 – Saturday, January 20: Some faculty leaving for Brent Manila after lunch

  • InterBrent Curriculum (Subic, Manila and Baguio) Summit hosted by Brent Manila on January 20, 2023: A dedicated team of faculty members are gearing up for a hands-on session of professional development, focused on refining the curriculum to further enhance the educational experience for our students.  We extend our sincere appreciation to our faculty members for their commitment to continuous improvement and their efforts in refining the curriculum. Your engagement in these activities plays a pivotal role in elevating the educational standards at Brent. The following groups/departments are meeting: IB, Social Studies, Guidance and Counseling, Modern Languages, and IT.

  • Friday sports practice

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the respective school departments or the administration.

Thank you for your continued partnership in the educational journey of our students! Let’s have a good week ahead, Bulldogs!



Dr. Engler
Dr. Celeste R. Engler
Headmaster/Head of School