Dear Brent Community,

What an exciting month of February we are all having! Please see this week’s line up of activities as well as our acknowledgements for the amazing events we had last week!


**February 19, Monday, Day 2: tune up games at the gym

**February 20, Tuesday, Day 1: Information Afternoon for Grade 10 Students**

Join us for Part 2 of the Information Afternoon dedicated to Grade 10 students. This session will focus on Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) to provide valuable insights for your academic journey.

**February 21, Wednesday, Day 2- Chapel: We are excited to announce that the upcoming chapel will be led by the Grade 5 class officers. Join us for a spiritually enriching experience as they guide us through a meaningful and reflective session. Additionally, the Grade 6/7 Religious Studies class will be presenting slides, adding depth to our chapel gathering.

**Start of Wednesday clubs**

**STUCO Non-Uniform Day- please see previous email**

**February 22, Thursday, Day 1- House Games| Field| 2:45-4:00**- Beginners (K-3) and Intermediates (7-9)- Boys,  Girls and Mixed Badminton doubles

**World Mathematics Championships 2024 Representatives**

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that three outstanding students from Brent International School Baguio have been selected to represent our school at the upcoming World Mathematics Championships 2024. The event is set to take place at the British School Manila (BSM) from 22 – 24 February 2024. Join us in congratulating Yewon (Jane) Choi from Grade 11, Tres Vergara from Grade 10, and Denny Kim from Grade 12, along with their accompanying teacher, Mr. Joshua Paludipan. We extend our best wishes to our talented representatives as they prepare to showcase their mathematical prowess on a global stage. Let’s rally behind them in support, wishing them success and a memorable experience at the championships.

**February 23, Friday, Day 2: Grade 11 Extended Essay Writing Afternoon**

Grade 11 students, mark your calendars for an Extended Essay Writing Afternoon on February 23. This session will provide guidance and support for your Extended Essay projects.

Looking ahead

**March 1, Friday

  • Release of Mid-Sem Reports &

  • IB Art Exhibition Reflection Center

**March 4, Monday: Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC)| No classes**


MARKET DAY |A heartfelt acknowledgment to the Grade 5 students for their dedication and creativity in crafting products for the Social Studies Market Day on February 14. Special recognition to Vivita, Ms. Laura, Ms. Kat, and all departments involved, especially our Grade 5 students. Your collaborative efforts in creating a range of products, from everyday essentials to Valentine’s Day specials, have made this event a success.

WELL DONE! Syd Tan (Grade 3) and his team secured victory as champions in the 9-under age group at the AIA 7s League Philippines held at McKinley Hill Stadium, Taguig on February 11. Their hard work and dedication paid off, showcasing excellence on the field. Congratulations to Syd and his team on this fantastic achievement!

Heartstopper VALENTINE’S DAY Dance | A heartfelt congratulations to the National Honor Society (NHS) and Student Council (STUCO) for orchestrating a fantastic Heartstopper Valentine’s Day Dance on February 14 at the Open Basketball Court. Exclusively for Grade 6-12 students, this event was a resounding success, fostering joy and camaraderie within our Brent community. Special thanks to the supervisors, Ms. Nelly, Ms. Almae, Ms. Geraldine, and Mr. Josh, for their dedication and guidance. A sincere appreciation to the IT, Maintenance, Clinic, Accounting, Security, and all other departments for their invaluable contributions in making this memorable evening possible. To our PTA parents, your support has been instrumental in the success of this event. Thank you for the lovely and delicious table set up!

SUBIC CUP: Congratulations to our boys’ basketball team and girls’ soccer teams for their outstanding achievements on February 17 at Brent Subic! It’s wonderful to see the dedication, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm displayed by our student-athletes. A special thank you to Mr. Drew Hare, ISAC coordinator, and our coaches – Mr. Cornelius Arandez, Mrs. Grace Arandez, Mr. Jerry Jimenez, and Mr. Joshua Paludipan – for their exceptional guidance and support. Additionally, a heartfelt appreciation goes out to Ms Karina Barrientos (chaperone), all the staff members involved, including transpo (Mr David Arciaga), maintenance, Engr. Padayao, Mrs. Caluya, kitchen and accounting, security, clinic, and those from Brent Subic under the supervision of Mr. Wyks and Ms. Rivero. We also extend our gratitude to the parents and PTA for their constant presence and unwavering support. Teamwork and collaboration from everyone involved truly make these achievements possible. Well done to the teams and the entire Brent International School community!

THEATRE SOLO PIECE: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the Grade 11 Theatre Class’ Solo Theatre Piece performances on February 16, Friday, from 2:45 to 3:30. We commend the outstanding work of Ah In Lee, and Andre Marquez, and express gratitude to T. Laura Johnson for her guidance. IJ Bangsoy’s performance will be tomorrow, Feb 20, Tuesday, same time and venue.

Welcome to Teacher Yeonyi Park, Korean Teacher who is with us this whole week! Also, the rest of semester 2 list of activities is found as a Google doc here, on Google calendar and on our website .Thank you and have a good week ahead, everyone!