Dear Brent Community,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with the excitement that comes with the approaching events in our active school community. As we dive into the week, here’s a quick snapshot of what’s coming up and important updates to keep you in the loop:

Countdown to Upcoming Events:

  • ISAC: Just 2 days away! Get ready for the thrilling sportsmanship and camaraderie that ISAC brings to our community.

  • WASC Virtual Visit: Only 6 days left! We look forward to this reflective visit!

  • Brent Day: As we approach the Easter Break, there are 15 school days until April 6. Let’s celebrate together!

Updates for the Week:

  • Monday, March 11, Day 2: Team practices to kick off the week.

  • Tuesday, March 12, Day 1:

    • Special Brent Day practices

    • the distribution of Reservation and Re-enrollment Forms for SY 2024-2025 during homeroom.

    • ISAC Committee Meeting: 3:15 pm in the Dining Hall, where we’ll discuss and plan for the upcoming ISAC events.

  • Wednesday, March 13, Day 2:

    •  A chapel presentation by Grade 8

    • a meeting with ISAC Athletics Coordinators at 6 p.m. in the Dining Hall.

  • Thursday, March 14, Day 1: ISAC Day 1 – No house games. Brent parents and staff are encouraged to wear their Bulldog spirit shirts. Students may wear their House Shirt. Check out the GUIDELINES AND SCHEDULE.

  • Friday, March 15, Day 2: ISAC Day 2 – No clubs on this exciting day! Brent parents and staff are encouraged to wear their Bulldog spirit shirts. Students wear their regular uniform. Check out the GUIDELINES AND SCHEDULE.

  • Saturday, March 16: The grand finale – ISAC Day 3 and the much-anticipated Banquet.

ISAC Guidelines for all:

  • Team Supervision: Teams should always be accompanied by coaches or supervising adults, including team tents. Teams need to be mindful of their personal belongings.

  • Gym Rules: Only water is allowed for drinks, and eating is prohibited in the gym.

  • Class Time Supervision: Students will be under the supervision of their subject teacher during class time. Students are expected to be responsible for their belongings.

  • Guests/Visitors/Spectators:Proper courteous behavior is expected from guests, visitors, and spectators. Everyone is reminded to be mindful of their personal belongings.

  • NO PETS: NO PETS are permitted at the gym, field, or common school areas.

  • Parking: Both the parking lot at St. Nicholas Church (Griffiths) and LS drop-off will be operational. Parents/guests attending ISAC can utilize this designated parking area. Roadside parking is restricted. There may be parking areas available at the City Hub.

Looking Ahead:

  • Monday, March 18, Day 1: WASC Virtual Visit.

  • Tuesday, March 19, Day 2: The final day of the WASC Virtual Visit.


International Conferences:

  • Manila, Subic, Baguio Board Meeting: April 6, 2024

We invite you all to stay engaged and participate in the upcoming events. Your enthusiasm and support make our Brent community truly exceptional.

Wishing you an energizing and successful week ahead!

Best Regards,


Dr. Engler