Dear Brent Community,

We had quite a bustling first week of school for the second semester! Here are some updates to share with all!

1.  Brent Baguio is hosting Season 2’s Brent Cup tomorrow, Saturday, January 14!

Our school is proudly hosting Brent Cup after three years! We will be hosting nearby teams (Easter College, Cordillera Binnadang Football Club (CBFC), Brent Alumni teams)  and Brent Subic to compete in a one-day friendly tournament. Brent Cup will take place on Saturday, January 14. In coordination with the PTA ℅ Ms. Joy, the Student Council (Ms. Geraldine and Mr. Joshua), and the Cafeteria (Mrs. Caluya), we will have concession stands available where food and drinks will be sold. STUCO will be selling Brent Cup Merchandise! PTA will be selling Foodpacks (rice and viand), ice cream, burger and siomai, etc. The cafeteria will sell drinks, taho and shawarma. We hope to see you! Let’s show our support for our Bulldogs and all our visiting teams!

Tournament Schedule | Tournament Rules

Spectators are welcome to come on campus and show their support!

2. Release of Report Cards

January 13, Friday

Release of report cards (hard copy) for LS (emailed to K-3) (4-5 hard copy), MS and US by 4th block/2:30 p.m.

January 18, Wednesday

Academic Awards chapel

Reminder of Brent Citizenship Grades PPT here

3. STUCOXNHS Winter Ball for Grades 6-12 students

4. Second Semester Clubs timeline | Here’s sharing our initial dates in preparation for Sem 2 clubs!

January 25, (Wednesday)-27 (Friday)

Release of club form on Wednesday, January 25 with a video on instructions. Club form is due on February 6, Monday


Club planning, preparation work for CAS students & supervisors.

February 1 Wednesday

Combined LS, MS, US assembly on clubs featuring the Grade 11/12 Creative, Active, and Service (CAS) student-run clubs. Club form is due on February 6, Monday

February 7

Club form is due on February 6, Monday

Processing of club form sign ups

February 15 (Wednesday)

Start of clubs

(Student Organizations Feb 14)

May 5 (Friday)

End of clubs (tentative)

10 weeks

5. Cheering for the Brent Baguio, Brent Manila, and Brent Subic academic departments who will be having an Inter-Brent Department Summit at Subic from 9:30-4:30 to collaborate on curriculum development. Our Baguio team will be leaving tomorrow at 5 a.m. bound for Subic.

Brent Baguio Attendees:

Social Science

  • James Young (HOD)
  • Jenny Francisco (Grade 6-8) Social Studies

Religious Studies

  • Julie Sibucao (Grade 6-12)


  • Tes Castro (K-8)
  • Kurt Salvador  (9-10)


  • James Young (might need to adjust times to meet this the TOK group)


  • Paul Engler

Brent Subic Attendees:


  • Mr. Roy Cosca (HOD Rel. St.)
  • Ms. Louise Fernandez

Mr. Erik Clarke

  • Social Studies
  • Mr. Ryan Thibaut (HOD)
  • Ms. Jenny Ong


  • Mr. Chris Dominguez (HOD)

IB Coordinator

  • Ms. Sheila Griarte

Brent Manila Attendees:

Social Science

  • David Schalm (HOD)
  • Roy Buensuceso
  • Giulia Casella
  • Damian See
  • Kyle Pace

Religious Studies

  • Tess Selga (HOD)


  • Andrew Fulo (HOD)
  • Ouie Castaneda (Information Technology Director)


  • Sam Eslamieh


  • Kristi Pozon (IB Coordinator)

6. Here’s sharing photos of the meeting with House Heads and House Leaders with Coach Boy on sportsmanship held on January 11, Wednesday. Here’s cheering for our houses as they prepare for Field Day on February 3, Friday.


5. We will be having a Chinese New Year Assembly by Mandarin Class students on January 25! Here are the following preparatory activities leading up to this special assembly:

Chapel practice – Monday, Jan. 16 (2:30 – 3:00 PM)

Poster Making Contest – Jan. 10 – 20

All School Assembly – Jan. 25 (7:45 AM)

Wushu Dance and Chinese New Year Delicacies – Jan. 25 (Recess Time)


6. ISAC Basketball /Football Information


ISAC Season 2 is set to happen on January 26-28, 2023 (Thursday-Saturday) at Brent Subic.  Both the girls basketball team and boys football team have been working hard to prepare for the tournament!


Finally, thank you to Mr. Ben Gertes and the Project Lightning Team (Baguio Smart City Project)  for an inspirational message about being a lifelong learner and a leader. Mr. Gertes talked about how exposure, passion, motivation, and living one’s mission led him to be an exemplar of leadership and of being a good community member. Thanks to the chapel team: Our Grade 8 class, Dr. Julie Sibucao, Mr. Kurt Salvador, Mr. Gilbert Burgos, Dr. Gev Sacley, our student performers and acolytes for all their hard work.



Opening and Closing Song – Russel Romero

Opening Prayer: Andrei Bautista

Prayer leader: Debbie Bangsoy

Scripture readers: Louise Gertes and Paolo Marquez

Intercession: Soobeen Lee, Debbie Bangsoy

Closing Prayer: Nhureen Gavina

Have a good weekend, everyone! Congratulations to all on a great start to Semester 2!


Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal