Dear  Brent Family,

We hope that you are all doing well in the midst of this situation we find ourselves in.

As we enter our second week of Home Learning, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to everyone for their participation and understanding. Indeed, learning is not confined to the four walls of the classroom!

A special shout out goes to our parents and guardians who have been and continue to be instrumental in keeping the students focused and on task.  On the matter of those who face technological challenges like Internet access and devices, be assured that we are doing everything we can to address your concerns.

Finally, we would like share the journal entries of our Grade 4 students.

Journal Entries 3/18/2020


My opinion for online learning is it is fun! I am also happy I can at least see my teacher and friends! It is also easy to wake up because class starts at 8:00.It is also important to learn so I would like to say thank you to technology.

But I think it is not good to face the computer/phone all day.Some times I can’t hear anything because of my earphones.Also some people don’t have internet at their houses so they cannot access google hangouts. Even when I see them I cannot touch them or hi-five them.

Coronavirus is a global problem. I know online learning is to protect me. I say if it is to protect me I agree on it.     


  • Mira M.

One sunny morning, I woke up with a yawn. Then, I remembered that it was

Friday! It was the home learning trial! I was so scared because what if something went wrong? What if I don’t have the right apps? I comforted myself and said, “It’s okay, Joshua. You can survive. It is not the end of the world.” Then, I got out of bed and began my day.

            After I ate breakfast, I went to my iPad, and sat down on a chair. I remembered that teacher said you go to gmail, go to chat groups, and go to grade 4. But when I went to gmail, the chat rooms were not there! I panicked. I quickly messaged Gab if he can do it, and he said yes. I just missed out on math! I was so upset and scared that the teacher would give me an orange slip if I didn’t join the next block. Days went by like this and the only information source was my friends. Until one day, I noticed something. I was in the Chinese store (in app store) ! I messaged  my dad and he can’t do it. I tried my sister and she was the help to my problem. She told me instructions and it was successful! I was finally able to chat with my teacher and my friends! I was relieved!

             Well, nowadays, home learning is not that scary for me. I always go online at 7:30 to chat and begin classes at 8:00. It changed because of the help of my sister. I now feel like I am in the classroom.


  • Joshua Y.

When there was home school learning, I was surprised! 

I was worried too. When we started, it was hard to concentrate because my Lola was watching Korean dramas.

           It was quite nice. We had extra sleep and we started late.

We also had extra time to eat snacks and lunch. Some bad things are when we need to call, and when it is blurry when I

call. I was also lazy to type because I am more of a hand writer.

         I thought that we would only work for 1 week but, we had quarantine for 1 month! I thought it would be easy to meet everyone but it was hard because of no internet for some of my classmates.


  • Yonghoon K.

I do not like home learning because it is hard to communicate with teachers. It is hard because you could also lose stuff instead of keeping it wear you are suppose to keep it and you do not know if you are late so it is hard to communicate with work at the same time as using the clock and when the teacher isn’t around you lose control over time. 

  • Josh S.


My feelings about home learning are: tiring, and exhausting. It is tiring because you have to spend  most of the day(from 8:00-2:45) mostly using gadgets. It’s very exhausting because every time you rest from the gadgets your eyes hurt and you want to take a nap/sleep.


  • Joe T.

My thoughts on online learning are that it’s fun but it gets a bit hectic at times like when someone has problems or bad internet so all of us in the chat just wait or when people from a different grade calls you and you are doing something or when people dont have printers to print worksheets.

During video calls like when we check hw, it’s sometimes hard to understand the teacher when she talks. I actually kind of like online learning more than…going to non-online school but  also some subjects (like PE) are hard.

(In my opinion) I like online learning because 1 it’s EXTREMELY fun 2 It’s actually a little bit interesting to see people in their own homes, in their own lifes, their own business and 3, during recess you can use phones and while doing work we can listen to music while we work!  


  • Gab O.