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March 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

With all the fun activities we’ve done, it’s no wonder that time flew, and now it’s March! Our Lower School students are not only putting in effort in their academics, but are also doing a great job in their extra-curricular activities, such as running in the Cross Country races.  As the third quarter ends, mid-semester report cards and progress reports will be sent home for Lower School students on March 5, Thursday. The next day, March 6, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held. Kindly check with the Homeroom and subject teachers of your child/ ward to schedule meeting times. Student work may also be seen displayed along the Bridgers’ Walkway, and classroom bulletin boards.

Some of the equipment at the LS playground have already been moved and restored during the past two weeks. However, we will have to extend its closing until the first week of March to accommodate other repairs, such as painting and backfilling. Students may still play after school in the grassy part of the playground, swings and seesaws, and the four-square area in front of Ayrault, provided that they have a parent or guardian watching after them. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙂

Here are the important dates for LS on our School Activities calendar:

March 5       Mid-Semester Report Cards and Progress Reports

          Filipino Day

March 6       Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 10     PTA Assembly

March 31     Staff Appreciation All School Chapel

                      Brent Day Rehearsal (after school)

Please continue to regularly check the assignment notebook, the school website, and the LS Bulletin Board (near the Drop Off Area) for updates. Let’s also keep ourselves healthy by following precautionary measures against the spread of illnesses. 


Ms. Kim Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher

Other Notes:

After School: Students should stay with parents or in LS library to wait for club time to start. Because teachers are in their classrooms until 3:30 for remedials and meetings, no direct supervision is provided at the playground. Therefore:

  1. NO Parent, NO Play
  2. 1 parent to 1 child ratio

We love play, but we want our children to be safe.

In order to maintain the privilege of playing on the playground after school, kindly make sure that you are watching your child/ward at all times. If a child has been involved in an incident that happened after school, possible restrictions may be applied. (ex. A child may not be allowed to play after school because he/she did not follow the “no parent no play” rule.) 

Student Concerns: School-related student concerns/conflicts are to be handled by the school.  If a parent has seen a concern, the parent may report it to any teacher who is present or preferably, the homeroom teacher concerned.  If there is no teacher present, the parent may write a note about the incident to the homeroom teacher in the Assignment Notebook or send an email or text to the LS Head Teacher, then to the Principal. If the incident happened after school, teachers will address the situation the next day. Concerns may be directed to the LS Head Teacher; then to the Principal.

Alternatively, if you would like to have a meeting with the teachers regarding your child/ward, please coordinate with Ms. Cot, our Lower School secretary, or write us a note in the Assignment notebook, so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

Student Work Displays: Parents are welcome to visit after school to see their child’s works on display at the walkways and Bridgers’ bulletin boards. During that time, remedials are being held. Kindly come back after 3:15 pm if you would like to meet with the teacher.

Drop Off: To foster independence, Lower School students are encouraged to walk on their own from the Drop-off area to Bridgers Hall. Please continue to remind your child to use the walkway found at the right side of Griffiths if they are not going to be dropped off near the Bridgers walkway.

Common Areas: We ask that during class hours, the common areas like the sandbox area and the picnic tables are kept free in order to be available as learning spaces and/or to keep our students focused.

Birthday parties: These may be done in Bridgers Hall for recess, or Griffiths Theater for lunch. Prior notice must be given to teachers for parties during recess (for lunch parties, please see/text/email Dr. Celeste). Please prepare for a simple celebration, preferably food and treats in goody bags to be shared with other students. Due to assigned duties, however, teachers might not be able to attend.

Ms. Adamey Peniano
Pre-K and K Homeroom

Pre-K and K

We’re starting March off with the Parent-Teacher Conference and I am excited to meet you. This month will be another month filled with reading, writing, arts and crafts, and mathematics. They will also continue to practice for Brent Day. 

These are the topics we are going to focus on this month:

Language Arts/Reading: Both PK/K will continue with rhyming words. PK will tackle the following letters: u, l, f, b, j. Kinder will focus on reading pattern books and creating their own pattern books.They will continue with ending digraph sounds. Since we were not able to learn all the snap words intended for February, we will add them to the group for this month and they are: when, where, who, what, and why. These snap words are going to help them answer comprehension questions when reading a book. Kinder will also showcase their show-and-tell books. 

Math: PK will learn the numbers 6-10. Kinder will continue with addition and move forward to Chapter 6: Subtraction. 

Religious Studies: PK/K will continue learning about Jesus’ miracles. 

Arts: Since Panagbenga was moved to this month, PK/K will create arts and crafts celebrating the festival.

Teacher Angeline Curameng
Pre-K and K Substitute Teacher

Ms. Kim Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher
Grade 3 Homeroom

Grade 3

March marks the month of celebrations for writing, science, and social studies projects, as the invention convention culminates the units for those three areas. As we approach that event, the third graders will begin making their display boards about their inventions and continuing with the design process with guidance. 

Likewise, we will continue our units in math on comparing fractions and measurement (time, length, volume, money). We will also explore the relationship between fractions and decimals through a mini-project, using facts from the book “If The World Were A Village”

Lastly, for our reading workshops, we will be finishing our unit on Character Studies with a comparison of characters across books. Students can practice for this by analyzing story elements, such as characters, setting, problem, solution, and themes in the stories that they read.

Ms. Elaine Ferrer
Grade 1 Homeroom

Grade 1

Congratulations on finishing the Cross Country race, Grade 1! The Brent Trail was not an easy challenge but you did so well. I’m really proud!

Filipino Day is finally pushing through on March 5. The first graders together with the second graders have prepared a special presentation c/o Teacher Julie. Please do come and watch. It is going to be an afternoon of exciting performances and of course, Filipino delicacy!

Lessons Update:

Language Arts – Base Words and Endings –s, -ed, -ing; Vowel Pairs ou, ow; Categorizing and Classifying; Topic and Main Idea; Details/Summarize; Drawing Conclusions; Action Words, Present Tense, Action Words with –ed

Math – Continuation of Graphs; Shapes

Science – Balance and Motion

Social Studies – Communities

I’ll see you all for the PTC this Friday.

Have an enlightening Lenten season, everyone. Stay blessed!

Teacher Elaine

Ms. Geraldine Reyes
Grade 4 Homeroom

Grade 4

I look forward to seeing you at our Parent Teacher Conferences, where we can discuss the progress of your children thus far. This month will be busy with summative assessments and performance tasks. We will also continue with our Brent Day practices.   

In our classroom this month:

Language Arts

We will continue with “Reading History” and “Bringing History to Life” Units in Reading and Writing. We will be using “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry as our mentor text. The 4th graders will be completing their research work on heroes and make an informational book; an integration with ICT and Social Studies classes. 


We will start on Chapter 8: Multiplying Fractions and then move on Chapter 9: Relationship Between Fractions and Decimals.

 Social Studies

As we continue to focus on studying the heroes of the past and present and the effects of their actions, the 4th graders will be completing their research work on their chosen hero. They will also be presenting their research work to an audience.


In our Electricity and Magnetism Unit, we will continue our lessons and activities on magnetism.

Ms. Katrina Moredo
Grade 2 Homeroom


It’s been a challenging semester with everything that has been happening in the world. Your children have wonderful through it all. They had an excellent run during Cross Country last week too. Looking towards March here are the things we’re looking at covering for the month.

Language Arts: We’re wrapping up our unit on reading bigger and longer books and moving into our last unit, Poetry.

Math: We’re finishing up our Chapter 6 and will soon start on Chapter 7: Money and Time. I aim to also finish Chapter 8: Length in Customary Units and move into Chapter 9: Length in Metric Units as well.

Science: There’s a whole lot of exciting things happening in Science this month. Each child has been given a Sundew plant to care for till the end of the year. They’ll be applying the scientific method as they care for the plant. Hopefully they will make it! 

Art: They are busy bees this month as they are now making model dinosaurs to go with their Dinosaur Research. 

Social Studies: We’ll be incorporating the past with the present, the then and now. Comparing what life was like before and what life and creature comforts we enjoy today.

Ms. Deboarah Roberts
Grade 5 Homeroom

Grade 5

I can’t believe it’s already March. We have been busy as we work on completing the third quarter. Here’s what we’ve been doing.

Math: We are finishing up GoMath! With Geometry. We are taking it slow, as I am covering both 5th and 6th-grade geometry. Our next step will be starting some grade 6 math, positive and negative integers,  expressions and equations, and statistics.

LA: We are beginning our persuasive writing unit with a study on point of view and perspective. Students will be writing persuasive letters that state both sides of the issue and will be creating a persuasive podcast as a summative project.

Science: We have finished science for a little while. We have two more major science tasks this year, the study of matter, and the science fair.

Social Studies: What different types of governments are there in the world? How are governments formed? What is my role as a citizen of a governed nation? These are some fundamental questions that we will be answering as we study government in social studies. 

I hope to see you all at Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday!