APRIL 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s an amazing feat that Brent School is turning a hundred and twelve this year, so join us in celebrating with the entire community!

To get started, we have a special Padlet for all our students, faculty and staff, parents and guardians, to share our Brent experiences that make us grateful and resilient. Next up will be our All School Chapel on April 14th. Led by our Music teacher, Dr. Gev Sacley, the Grade 5 students will be performing “You Are My All”, while the Grades 1 and 2 classes will be singing “A Gift To You” during the service.

The much-awaited Spirit Week will be held on April 19th-23rd. The National Honors Society will be sending out the themes for each day of the week. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Within this week, the K-9 (with the Grade 10 class) Art Exhibit will also be launched. The best artworks will be presented during the All-School Assembly in the morning, and after school, everyone can explore the artworks at their own pace.

Finally, the highlight of our Brent @ 112 festivities will be the Variety Show on April 23rd. We have a host of exciting and wonderful acts from many Brentonian performers! As an All-School interactive show, let’s be encouraging and appreciative when we tune in. We will be having a special schedule to accommodate this event – details soon to follow.

Here are the important dates for LS on our School Activities calendar:

Dates Events
April 5-13  Community Padlet Activity – Grateful and Resilient @ 112
April 13 and 27, Tuesdays LS Assembly – HappyGrams and MeritGrams
April 14, Wednesday All School Chapel – BRENT @ 112
April 19-23 Spirit Week!
April 21, Wednesday K-9 Art Exhibit
April 23, Friday Variety Show – Brent@112 Grateful and Resilient
April 28, Wednesday Staff Appreciation Day – Chapel

Updates will continue to be posted through the Brent website, Brent Announcement emails, and on messages sent via our homeroom apps (Google Classroom, Bloomz). 

Let us keep moving forward, one day at a time. Stay healthy and safe. May God bless us all. 

Ms. Kim Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Mrs. Adamey Peniano
Homeroom Teacher

Happy 112th Brent School! 

We are down to the last 2 months of the school year. It is incredible how we started the school year with uncertainty and many new challenges and yet here we are, nearing the end of school, not just surviving but also flourishing. The Kinders have grown so much and will continue to do so as we tackle our remaining lessons.

Here is our overview for April:

Writing – Exploring Opinion Writing: Making Our School a Better Place

Essential Question: How can I use writing to get people to follow my idea?

Math – Measurement

Essential Questions:

  • How can comparing objects help you measure them?
  • How can you compare the length, height, and weight of objects?

Science – Sunshine and Shadows

Essential Questions:

  • Why is the sun important?
  • Where does the moon get its light?How do we make a shadow?

Language Arts:

Reading – Becoming Avid Readers]

Essential Questions:

  • What is an avid reader?
  • What reading strategies can I improve on and use to become a better reader?
  • What activities do good readers do with books to help them comprehend more?

Grade 1

Ms. Elaine Ferrer
Homeroom Teacher

Happy Easter! It’s great to be back after our one-week break. We were able to relax and spend more time with our families. Now, we feel more refreshed and energized to do our class activities. ☺ 

~ “The great gift of Easter is hope.” – Basil Hume 

Lessons Update: 

Language Arts – Base Words with Endings –s, -ed, -ing; Vowel Pairs ou, ow; Adding –s to Naming Words; Compound Words; Syllabication; Homophones; Summarizing; Drawing Conclusions; 

Essential Question: How does paying attention to details while listening and reading, help us to understand what is happening? 

Math – Three-Dimensional Geometry

Essential Question: How can I describe a shape?

Science – Balance and Motion

Essential Question: How can we balance ourselves? 

Social Studies – Community

Essential Question: How am I part of my community?

Grade 2

Mrs. Katrina Moredo
Homeroom Teacher

Welcome back! It’s going to be a great month 🙂 

Language Arts: Series Book Clubs. As we’ve been reading Alvin Ho, we’ll continue to do so as this is our last unit in Reading.

Essential Questions:

  1. How do we become experts on the characters in a book?
  2. How do authors write these stories?
  3. How do we share our opinions with the world?

Writing: Poetry. We’re learning about different kinds of poetry as well as writing our own poems. 

Essential Questions:

  1. How can students create writing pieces using poetic expression?
  2. How does structure affect my piece?
  3. What can I try if I am stuck?

Math: Length and Data. We’ll be starting our new unit on measurement.

Essential Questions:

  1. How can you use inch models to measure length?
  2. How do you use an inch ruler to measure lengths? 
  3. Why is measuring in feet different from measuring in inches?

Science: Matter. This is our last unit in Science 🙂 and it’s a really fun one too! We’ve started the unit with different experiments and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

Essential Questions:

  1.  What are objects made up of?
  2. What makes objects similar (solids with similar traits; liquids)?
  3. Can objects transform into different objects and if yes, what different things can they transform into?
  4. What makes objects transform into different objects?
  5. Why is heat (or absence of heat) important in our daily lives?

Art: We’ve finished all our units in Art, so we’re doing several fun things to end the year with a bang :). We’ll be painting our own aprons and canvas bags and making our own tie-dye t-shirts.

Grade 3

Ms. Kim Arganda
Homeroom Teacher

When you join Grade 3 this April, we begin with our Readers’ Workshop unit, Research Clubs, where the students will be reading from a variety of informational texts to know more about topics they’re interested in. For social studies, we will look into how geography affects communities, while in science we are going to study the solar system and space.

In Math with Teacher Jake, we will finish the unit on measurement and start a new unit on patterns and probability. We will describe, extend, and create geometric, visual, and number patterns, and to identify missing parts in patterns. We will use manipulatives to copy patterns, extend patterns, and create our own patterns to share with our classmates. We will identify, predict, summarize, and record combinations and outcomes of events and experiments. We will use manipulative, such as dice, to create events and experiments of our own to then make predictions.

We are excited for you to join us! See you soon!

Grade 4

Mrs. Geraldine Reyes
Homeroom Teacher

Welcome back, Grade 4 families! I hope that you all enjoyed the Easter Break and are ready for the final stretch of our school year. The 4th graders will be busy working on their final projects and assessments in the last two months. Please check your emails for updates.

In our classroom this month…

Language Arts

Unit 4: Historical Fiction Clubs (Reading) 

The Literary Essay:Writing About Fiction (Writing)

Essential Questions:


How should readers use primary sources to better understand history?

What are the different ways that historical fiction readers deepen their understanding? 

What can readers learn from historical narratives?

Why is it important to recognize the different perspectives of people?

What are power dynamics in stories?

Why do readers look for similar themes across different books?


How can close reading help in generating ideas about a text?

How do we write a literary essay?

What are the different ways essayists collect evidence to support their ideas?

How do writers create drafts out of the collections of evidence?

How do writers use patterns in books and stories to develop themes or messages?

How does an author’s craft highlight the deeper meaning of a text?


Chapter 8: Multiply Fractions by a Whole Number

Essential Question:

How do you multiply fractions by whole numbers?

Social Studies

Trash Management

Essential Questions:

What do people throw away and where does it go?

How can trash affect our resources and our environment?

How would our world be different without trash?

When is trash no longer trash?

How can you help reduce or solve the trash problem?


Body Systems: Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory

Essential Question:

How do the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems work independently and together to keep the body functioning properly?

Grade 5

Mrs. Deborah Roberts
Homeroom Teacher

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Break! April always allows for amazing activities. This is Science Fair month. Students will need to complete their Rube Goldberg by April 28th!

Here’s what else is happening in April.

Math: Converting Units of Measure and Geometry

We will begin learning how to Convert Units of Measurement. This will take us about two and a half weeks. After we finish this chapter, we will begin Geometry which should take us to the end of the school year. 

Essential Questions: 

  • What strategies can you use to compare and convert measurements? 
  • How do unit cubes help you build solid figures and understand the volume of a rectangular prism?

Language Arts

Writing: Persuasive Writing

Essential Question:

  • How do I write a five sentence paragraph with a topic sentence and a concluding sentence?
  • How to write a five paragraph persuasive paper with a well written thesis.

Reading: We will be reading a Realistic Fiction genre by reading Hatchet by Gary Paulson. In this book we will discuss the plot conflict of man vs. nature. 

Essential Questions:

Standards-Based Essential Questions: 

  • How and why do characters (and their motivations) change over time?
  • How does the setting influence a character’s development and the story’s plot?
  • How do authors use fictional characters and stories to convey real-world themes?
  • How can reading a variety of texts on a similar topic or theme deepen my understanding and uncover new perspectives? 

Thematic Essential Questions:

  • How can we describe humanity’s relationship with nature?
  • What does it take for a person to survive in extremely challenging circumstances?
  • How do our personal experiences shape and change us?  

Grammar: Sentence Diagramming 

Essential Question:

  • How does having a command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage help me become a better reader and writer?

Social Studies: We are finished with Social Studies for the year. Students may still complete and submit assignments. The grade will not be finalized until May. There will be no further instruction or new assignments added to the gradebook. 

Science: We started our science instruction with the Properties of Matter. 

Essential Question: How can the properties of matter be measured?

We have now begun to learn Physics where we will be learning about force and motion. Please be prepared to provide your student with materials to create their own Rube Goldberg machine. Students have the instructions to begin this process.

**Science Fair Projects are due on April 28th**

**Science Fair Assembly will be May 5**

Enduring Understanding

  • Force is a push or pull that can change an object’s motion.
  • Work is done when a force moves an object over a distance.
  • Simple machines make doing work easier.

Essential Questions

  • What is force?
  • How do forces move objects?
  • What causes motion?
  • How does weight or mass affect motion?
  • How do we make simple machines?
  • How can we use simple machines in our daily lives?