MAY 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Dear parents and guardians,

We’ve finally made it to our last few weeks of school! Through the many activities we’ve had – some of which were fun, some were challenging – we have grown so much. All your support is greatly appreciated; we wouldn’t have made it without you. Many, many thanks to our Lower School Community!

Since the end of the school year is fast approaching, our final assessments are underway. These range from chapter or unit tests to performance and project-based tasks. Submissions can be made through the learning platforms we are currently using (Google Classroom, Seesaw, Raz Kids, ThinkCentral).

Here are just some ways you may help students:

  • Help them to prioritise important tasks
  • Encourage them to do their best work independently
  • Remind them to turn in their work promptly
  • Reach out to the teachers to discuss any concerns or requests, and we will be eager to support you.

The clearance process is also ongoing. Ms. Pau Egino, our library staff will be sending through email the list of books that need to be returned to the library. Kindly see the email on K-11 Student Clearances for more details.

Also, you may now reserve your child’s/ward’s spot at Brent Baguio for the next school year, 2021-2022. For guidelines on reservation and re-enrollment, you may refer to the announcement on our school website

Lastly, we invite you and your family to join us during our Lower School Moving Up Day ceremony. We will be celebrating the efforts of our students, and we will take a look back at their amazing work throughout this year. We will be sending the link to the online celebration prior to the event.

Here are the important dates for LS on our School Activities calendar:

Dates Events
May 5, Wednesday Science Fair Assembly – 8:00 am (explore individual student work after school)
May 12, Wednesday IB Art Exhibit Assembly
May 14, Friday STUCO Elections During Homeroom for Grade 5
May 18, Tuesday LS Assembly – HappyGrams and MeritGrams
May 19, Wednesday Final All-School Chapel
May 20, Thursday Deadline for submission of all missed works
May 24, Monday No classes – Faculty In-service Day
May 24, Monday Release of Report cards (K-3) via BASIS (4 p.m.)
May 25, Tuesday LS Moving Up DayHalf Day Schedule (will be sent in the next few days)
May 26, Wednesday LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR K-11
MS/US Moving Up /day Half Day Schedule (will be sent in the next few days)
May 26, Wednesday Release of Report cards (Gr. 4-12) via BASIS (4 p.m.)
May 27, Thursday Baccalaureate Service and Commencement Exercises (streamed via Youtube)
May 28, Friday Printed report cards ready for pick up

May we all continue to be safe and strong. Let’s take it one day at a time, and cherish these final days of school.

Ms. Kim Arganda
Lower School Head Teacher

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Mrs. Adamey Peniano
Homeroom Teacher

What a year it has been! Despite the unusual circumstances, we are able to weather it out and keep on learning. You are all wonderful! I am proud of what you have achieved this school year. Thank you for your support, cooperation, understanding and patience. God bless!

Here are our topics in May.

Language Arts:
Reading – Avid Non-Fiction Readers

Essential Questions:
How do avid nonfiction readers react to nonfiction books?
What can nonfiction readers do after reading nonfiction books?
Writing – Writing letters to make a change

Essential Questions:

Who do I write to that can help me fix a problem?
How can I make my letter more persuasive?
Religious Studies – Stories that Jesus Told

Essential Questions:

Why did Jesus like to use parables?
Do all stories have a message?

Math – Getting Ready for First Grade (Review of Concepts)

Grade 1

Ms. Elaine Ferrer
Homeroom Teacher

It has been a great year despite the many challenges of online learning. We have learned and accomplished so much. I am proud to see the progress of each and everyone. Thank you so much for your support and patience. I am grateful! Please continue to be safe and healthy. ☺

Lessons Update

Language Arts – Sounds for Y; Base Words and Endings –es, -ies, er, est; Vowel Pairs oy, oi, aw, au; R-controlled Vowels; Prefixes and Suffixes; Noting Details, Story Structure, Compare and Contrast, Making Predictions, Sequence of Events; Synonyms, Possessive Pronouns, Use of is, are, was, and were

Essential Questions:

Why might I want to retell fiction stories?
How can I retell a story really well?

Math – Fractions; Money

Essential Questions:

How do you describe two-dimensional shapes?
How can you count money?

Science – Balance and Motion

Essential Question:
How do different factors change the motion of something?

Social Studies – Community

Essential Question:
How are communities alike and different?

Grade 2

Mrs. Katrina Moredo
Homeroom Teacher

What a most wonderful year this has been. Thank you so much for going on this grand adventure with me. I hope that your children had as much fun as I did being able to be their teacher this year.

Here’s what we have to look forward to for the last month of school.

Math: Chapter 10 Data and Chapter 11 Geometry and Fractions

Essential Questions:

How do we read graphs?
How do they show data?
How can drawing a diagram help solve fractions?
How do you know if a shape shows halves, thirds or fourths?

Language Arts: Continue with our Chapter Book series reading and Poetry Writing.

Essential Questions:
How does the character change over the series?
How do we put powerful thoughts into tiny packages?
How do we replace feeling words with word pictures?
How do we find “trouble spots” in our poems?

Social/Science/Art: N/A

Grade 3

Ms. Kim Arganda
Homeroom Teacher

When you join Grade 3 this May, most of our units are connected under the theme of Solar System and Space. For Language Arts and Science, our research clubs will focus on finding a planet that humans can build a colony on. We will also be having a virtual field trip which will deepen our understanding of our place and our responsibility in the universe.

In Math with Teacher Jake, we will finish our geometry unit, focusing on area and perimeter. We will relate area to the operations of multiplication and addition. We will recognize perimeter as an attribute of plane figures and distinguish between linear and area measures. Students will reason with shapes and their attributes, as well as partition shapes into parts with equal areas.

If you’d like to know more about third grade, check out our Lower School resources and activities from this year’s Magic Mountain in the Cloud program. You may find them through this link.

We are excited for you to join us! See you soon!

Grade 4

Mrs. Geraldine Reyes
Homeroom Teacher

With only a few more weeks left in this school year, I would like to thank you for all your support and patience shown these past 10 months. The year has gone by so fast and I’m proud of the work that the 4th graders have done. We will be finishing up the last units in the core subjects, with some major assessments to be completed.

Again, thank you for all your support and active involvement in all our activities. God bless and stay safe!


Teacher Geraldine

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

In our classroom this month…

Language Arts

Unit 4: Historical Fiction Clubs (Reading)

The Literary Essay:Writing About Fiction (Writing)

Essential Questions:


What are the different ways that historical fiction readers deepen their understanding?
What can readers learn from historical narratives?
Why is it important to recognize the different perspectives of people?
Why do readers look for similar themes across different books?


How do writers use patterns in books and stories to develop themes or messages?
How does an author’s craft highlight the deeper meaning of a text?


Chapter 9: Relating Fractions and Decimals

Essential Question:

How can you record decimal notation for fractions, and compare decimal fractions?

Geometry and Measurement Units

Big Idea: Geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry.

Social Studies

Trash Management Unit
Final Project: Trash to Treasure


Body Systems: Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory

Essential Question:

How do the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems work independently and together to keep the body functioning properly?

Grade 5

Mrs. Deborah Roberts
Homeroom Teacher

Congratulations on a year well done! May marks merriment, messes (science), math, and more! Thank you all for an amazing year in grade 5.

Here’s what else is happening in May.

Math: Geometry

We have begun our last chapter in math: Geometry. This chapter will take us to the end of the school year and the end of grade 5 math!

Essential Question:

How do unit cubes help you build solid figures and understand the volume of a rectangular prism?

Language Arts

Writing: Historical Fiction

Essential Questions:

How do we recognize the genre of historical fiction?
What is the connection between historical fiction and historical fact?
Why do good writers of historical fiction research the settings of their stories?What can we learn from reading historical fiction?

Reading: We will be reading a Historical Fiction genre book called Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. In this book we will discuss the plot conflict of man vs. nature.

Essential Questions:

Standards-Based Essential Questions:

How and why do characters (and their motivations) change over time?
How does the setting influence a character’s development and the story’s plot?How do authors use fictional characters and stories to convey real-world themes?How can reading a variety of texts on a similar topic or theme deepen my understanding and uncover new perspectives?

Thematic Essential Questions:

How can we describe humanity’s relationship with nature?
What does it take for a person to survive in extremely challenging circumstances?How do our personal experiences shape and change us?

Grammar: Sentence Diagramming

Essential Question:

How does having a command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage help me become a better reader and writer?

Social Studies: We are finished with Social Studies for the year. Students may still complete and submit assignments. The grade will not be finalized until May. There will be no further instruction or new assignments added to the gradebook.

Science: Students have worked hard on their Science Fair entries and are very excited to show their Rube Goldberg machines off. Please join us on May 5th for our virtual science fair.

We will be resuming our science instruction with the Properties of Matter. If there is time, we will make one more Rube Goldberg that includes a chemical reaction. We will see how far we get in our final couple of weeks. :0)

Essential Question: How can the properties of matter be measured?

**Science Fair Assembly will be May 5**