Dear Brent Family,

As we approach the last two months of this school year, we would like to update families and faculty about instruction through the end of May so that everyone can plan accordingly. Given the current quarantine guidelines, curfew, limits on entry to the Philippines and the government’s ongoing ban of in-person schooling, permission to open schools to in-person instruction this school year seems unlikely. Therefore, we will plan on completing 2020-2021 online.

We are ready to bring students back to campus when the time comes, and we will certainly consider taking advantage of any opportunity that might be given to hold limited on campus events or assemblies, but all classes and most activities for the remainder of this school year will continue online.

Looking toward August, the future remains unclear, but we hope the government will allow a transition to in-person classes at the beginning or soon after the start of the coming school year. Brent is also working to acquire vaccines for our employees to further ensure a healthy school environment.

It is truly a privilege to work with a community that has remained so positive and supportive throughout the many challenges of this pandemic. Thank you all for your continued kindness and understanding as we navigate these issues together.