Dr. Celeste Coronado

Dear Brent family,

For the school year 2022-2023, we continue with our strong commitment to our mission and the Brent Education Framework. Guided by our mission and this year’s school theme, “Be a Good Community Member”, I am confident that all that we do will continue to inspire each other– especially from what I have seen of what we can achieve together as an active learning Brent community.

We surely can all be proud of our Brent community and how we have carried out traditions, and initiatives in meaningful and sincere ways despite these being virtual in the last two school years.

To our returning students, we are excited to see you continue in the awareness and development of our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs), your strengths and areas of growth despite the challenges brought about by this extraordinary time.


To our new students, may this school year bring you new found opportunities of learning and self-discovery. We are also excited to see you belong and thrive on our Magic Mountain.

To our returning and new parents, we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership in supporting your child in school and at home. We are a Brent family because of your invaluable role in

supporting our learning.

To our new faculty, we are proud to have you part of the Brent Baguio family! Likewise, we are proud of our diverse, highly qualified, and internationally trained teaching

and support staff who are dedicated to our school’s mission and values.

I end with our philosophy of education articulated no other than our founder Bishop Brent whose vision lives and breathes in all of us 114 years strong and beyond:

“Human strength is of a threefold character- physical, mental, spiritual. Each aspect of

strength is more or less dependent upon and sensitive to the condition of the other two. A

sound mind asks for a sound body as the normal medium of expression; and mind and body

at their best form a feeble alliance unless a noble spirit animates both.”

-Bishop Charles Henry Brent

May we all, as a Brent family, continue to pray for the world’s healing and thrive despite our challenges. Let us continue to grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually this

school year.

May every day of this school year give us the gift to be the best community we could be!


Celeste Coronado
School Principal/IB Coordinator