Warm greetings, Brent families!

We hope your All Saints break was restful and enjoyable.

After two long years, having successfully celebrated in person UN week with the theme International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development on October 19, 24-28, we would like to commend and thank the entire Brent community for supporting such an enriching and meaningful celebration for everyone to enjoy!

We hope that this year’s commemoration made us appreciate and understand our mountain economies and the importance of working together not only as one Brent family but also as global citizens. It was so lovely to see everyone dressed up in their cultural attire.

Without the help and support of the following people and teams, our UN Week celebration would not have been possible. Here’s acknowledging the following:

The entire PTA:  officers, homeroom reps, and parents/guardians led by Mrs. Joy Cascato-  All we can say is WOW. Your tables were incredible. What a meaningful, sustainable, and delicious feast for all. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Thank you for the coordination efforts and for getting into the global goals and nationalities represented in the food!

To NHS led by Cassey Cunanan, Gr. 12 (NHS President/emcee), Ms. Nelly Doliente, and Ms. Donna Nebrija for their fantastic work with the opening and closing flag ceremonies, in addition to providing our prayers throughout the day.

Thank you to Dr. Julie Sibucao for a very impactful chapel. You worked so hard and your efforts in the service paid off. It was so lovely to have the whole Brent community welcomed and joined together.

All School Chapel

Prelude: Yewon (Jane) Choi Gr. 10

Opening Song: Danica Williams Gr. 12

Scripture Lesson:

Melea Isabel Sueiro, Gr. 4 (Spanish)

Olivia Candelaria, Gr. 4 (Chinese)

Kurt Andrew Ong, Gr. 5 (Filipino)

Choobeen Lee, Gr. 6 (Korean)

Chrisper Thor Winterfeld, Gr. 7 (German)

Fed Gabriel Ortiz, Gr. 7 (Japanese)

Vivek Venkatesh, Gr. 8 (Hindi)

Estelle Nicollete Velilla, Gr. 7 (English)

Religious Studies and Chinese Classes Presentation

Let Me Stay:

Zion Moredo Gr. 6

Joshua Sta. Maria Gr. 7

Hayoon Lee Gr. 4

Emma Louise Orendain Gr. 4

Intercession: Ricardo Martin Campos Gr. 10

Response: Ah In Lee Gr. 10

Closing Prayer: Elisea Nassr Gr. 10

Closing Song:

  • Seo Yeong (Sophia) Shim, G9
  • Samara Faith Bangsoy, G12
  • Kassidy Sacley, G11
  • Russel Romero, G12
  • Aidan Gabrielle Drew, G11
  • Amos Jonathan Paatan, G11
  • Ms. Almae Caluya
  • Ms. Shelley Segundo

Thank you to the Global Issues Network, Ms. Donna Nebrija and Ms. Geraldine Reyes for organizing an impactful assembly featuring videos on the different Sustainable Development Goals and a meaningful speech by our guest speaker, Mr. JP Alipio, Founder of the Cordillera Conservation Trust.

Thank you to Model United Nations (MUN) for research on the menu for the week and for hosting a fun afternoon activity of creativity and games for our Lower School students! Thanks to Mr. James Young for supervising the activity!

Thank you to STUCO (Student Council) and the Grade 8 class for a creative and relaxing Coffee Art activity for our Middle and Upper School Students! Thanks to Ms. Geraldine Reyes and Mr. Joshua Paludipan for supervising the activity.

To Dr. Geverlyn Sacley for your tireless efforts in organizing our performances and being so flexible and accommodating. All did great performances! Thank you to our MUN emcees- Miguel Luna and Danica Williams, nice job!




  1. Kassidy Sacley Gr. 11, Danica Bautista Gr. 11, Angeli Balagot Gr. 11 (Ibaloi song), accompaniment by Amos Paatan, Grade 11

Ekcheng Mongo

(Bebtek Ka)

Vocal Ensemble

Guitar accompaniment –

  1. Cassey Cunanan Gr. 12

He’s a Pirate

The Medallion Calls


      3. Diane Panganiban Gr. 4. Accompanied by Amos Paatan, Grade 11 and Seth Luna, Grade 12

Mundo by iv

Vocals                              Guitar – Amos and Seth

5. Nathania Lagazon Gr. 8

Home by Toby Fox


6. Denny Kim Gr. 11

All of Me by

John Schmidt


7. Paolo Marquez, Grade 8

Make It With You

By Ben and Ben

Vocals and piano


8. Kassidy Sacley Gr. 11



9. Sophia Shim Gr. 9, Accompanied by Amos Paatan, Grade 11

It’s You by Henry Lau



10. Andre Marquez Gr. 10 and Yewon (Jane) Choi Gr. 10

Lucky by Jason Mraz


11. Zion Moredo Gr. 6

Take me home, Country Road

By John Denver


12. Russel Romero Gr. 12

The Impossible Dream


13. Hayoon Lee, Grade 4

Minseo Kwon, Grade 5




14. Paolo Marquez Gr. 8 and Emelie Gertes Gr. 8

Back to December

By Taylor Swift

Vocals (Piano)

Guitar (Emelie)


15. Kian Ku Gr. 4

Smash Mouth


16. Connie Kim Gr. 11

Korean Traditional Song



17. Joshua Sta. Maria Gr. 7 and Zion Moredo Gr. 6



18. Melea Sueiro Gr. 4 and Emma Orendain Gr. 4


By Maroon 5

Vocals (duet)

Every teacher and parent and house head, house leaders who gave their time, effort, and support with yesterday afternoon’s  Capture the Flag! Thanks to Coach Boy Arandez for organizing the activity!

Mr. Kurt Salvador and Manong Gilbert Burgos for not just making sure our AV worked well but putting in the extra effort to move speakers and ensure we have our new mics working and sound system equipment around the clock! The sound was great!  Looking forward to the photos!

The kitchen staff alongside Ms. Marissa Caluya for their coordination in delivering cultural lunches this week and being flexible with changes. The kids (and faculty) really enjoyed the effort put into those Korean, Japanese, Mexican, and Italian dishes!

The fantastic Manongs and Manangs we have here at Brent led by Engineer Rommel Padayao. We are forever grateful for all that you do at our school. Your ability to set up, and change the gym’s layout for a fitting UN Day celebration. You are all amazing! The layout worked great as always and our landscaping was lovely.

Huge thanks to our support departments (Principal’s office, Registrar’s office, security, transportation, accounting, purchasing, library, clinic, and safety) for all their amazing work behind the scenes!

Finally, thank you to the UN Week committee for all their hard work and Mr. James Young for his wonderful leadership of this all-school activity and his message of international mindedness.

Guided by our mission, values, ESLRs, and this year’s school theme, “Be a good community member”, we are grateful for all the opportunities to enjoy a full year of safe and enjoyable face-to-face classes and all-school community activities.


Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal