Dear Brent Families,

We are clearly in a time of adaptation and flexibility. In this light we have been working hard to adjust our normal practices while also providing your children the best education possible. 

Next Semester:

We have had to revise next year’s school calendar a second time. The first day of classes will be Monday August 24. This will be the start date whether we meet face-to-face or are required to start online. To adjust for this later start, we have replaced several holidays with instructional days during the semester. The ability to continue with Home Learning during typhoon days and the likely cancelation of some activities will also help curriculum coverage during the first semester.

The newest revision of the 2020-2021 school calendar is posted on our website. If we need to start online before moving to face-to-face, teachers will be prepared to deliver the first week of instruction without the need for students to pick up any materials.

Faculty will arrive by August 9 to provide sufficient time for class preparation and to allow for potential travel restrictions or quarantine requirements. Similarly, we request families to plan on being in the Philippines by August 9 in case there is a need to self isolate or other restrictions in place that may interfere with instruction.

With three months before the start of school a lot can change, and we pray it is for the better. Rest assured our students will continue receiving a high quality education this coming Fall.

Tuition for 2020-2021:
There will be no tuition increase for the next school year. This will be our third year without a tuition increase. Our ability to go a third year without an increase highlights the wise long-term financial planning of Brent’s Board. By deferring some expenses, we will be able to weather this storm. We recognize many businesses and individuals are experiencing financial distress, and we hope deferring any rate increases will help our families manage these difficult times.

Reservation and Re-enrollment:
As mentioned in an earlier email, we have delayed the Reservation and Re-enrollment deadline until June 10. It will, however, be a great help to receive those forms and payments as soon as families can provide them.

It is impossible to predict what the next several months will bring, but please rest assured that we will continue to monitor developments. We will provide updates via email and our website as the new school year approaches.

We are extremely grateful for the many blessings that allow us to navigate this pandemic and to continue educating our students. Our prayers are with those who are facing hardships. We look forward to a time when we can join together in person again.


Mr. Brett Petrillo