The Brentionian spirit was again in full display as the entire Brent Community gathered in the gym for the annual Pep Rally. The Blue Hawks, Red Falcons, and Yellow Eagles performed with gusto as they strutted their stuff in a cheering and dance competition followed by renditions of the Brent School School Song. An intense tug-of-war battle followed that showcased the enthusiasm, competitiveness, and camaraderie of the three houses.

The performances followed the following format : house cheer followed by the house dance routine and a rendition of the Brent School song.

The Blue Hawks set the stage with their house cheer followed by an impressive routine choreographed to the tunes of Low by Flo Rida, Awitin mo at isasayaw ko by VST and Company. Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang. Get Low by Lil John, Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, and We Are One by Pitbull. Their unique rendition of the Brent School Song capped a performance that set the bar for the Yellow Eagles and Red Falcons.

Next, The Yellow Eagles took to the floor and responded with an equally energetic and spirited performance led by their cheerleaders. Their dance routine was powered by music from the Descendants (Did I Mention), Loverboy (Working for the Weekend), Taylor Swift (Shake it Off), Tony Basil (Hey Mickey), One Direction (Live While We’re Young), Queencard ( (G)-IDLE), and Dua Lipa (Dance the Night). Their singing of the Brent School Song ended their performance to the delight of the crowd.

The final performance was delivered by the Red Falcons. Determined not to be outdone by the Hawks and Eagles and eager to show their school spirit, they came out and gave it their all in a performance that featured a dance routine with music from Mark Ronson, Twice, Baby Shark  Bruno Mars, XG , and Justin Bieber. Like the houses before them, their heartfelt singing of the Brent School Song ended their performance.

Judges for the event were three individuals known for their accomplishments in the performing arts: Mr. Richard Memorial, Mr. Fritz Gerald Theodore G. Dereje and Mr. Keanu Allen Karig.  

In the end, the Yellow Eagles bagged the title of 2023 Pep Rally Champions as they dominated all three categories. Blue came in second with Red House a close third.

The school Headmaster, Dr. Celeste Engler  praised all three teams for their enthusiasm, outstanding sportsmanship, and dedication to their houses emphasizing that no matter the outcome “The most important thing is that everyone had fun.”

In the end, all houses proved that the Brentonian spirit knows no bounds, and that when they come together, great things happen.