Dear Brent Families,
Our prayers are with you and your families wherever you currently find yourselves. With a month left before the start of classes on August 24, a travel ban and limited flights have delayed the return to Baguio of many members of our international community.
Brent International School Baguio has therefore decided to start the school year online. We believe that, given the ongoing uncertainties looking forward, it will be both safest and least disruptive to students’ education if we start online. Families face a wide array of circumstances, and we want to give everyone time to plan now without waiting until mid August. Online instruction will likely continue through the first quarter, but we are prepared to transition to in-person instruction quickly should circumstances significantly improve.
Class assignments, access to materials and other questions will be answered by Dr. Coranado and assigned teachers just before the August 24 start date. Our teachers have access to online delivery resources including Google Classroom and the whole suite of Google applications such as Google Meet. A variety of other online resources are available depending on the particular subject and grade level. With our experience online last quarter, we will continue to refine our skills in providing a distance education. Minimizing screen time while maximizing educational growth is a challenge that varies by student age and subject area, but we are up to the challenge, and we look forward to working with our students this school year.
Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.
I hope this provides the ability to begin making some plans during these challenging times. We will continue to update you and remain nimble going forward. Thank you for your support and patience.