Dear Brent family,

We had a great start last week with our Tech Trial and Meet and Greet days, our all-school welcome chapel, first full days of school including feedback on the technical delivery so far of the MMC program. Thank you to all for actively participating in our start-off activities!

Below are the following updates:

  1. This week gave time for homeroom classes to know more about each other and our MMC program.  In addition, because we aim to equip our students with strategies to help them thrive this school year, this Wednesday’s assemblies focused on how one can find hope and what strategies are used for focus, time management and building resilience.

LS Assembly: How can we find hope?

MS/US Assembly: What are some lifelong learning strategies for success?  Focus, Time management and Resilience

Special Guest Speaker:  Nikki Joaquin, Class of 2016

Summa Cum Laude, BA Literature and Creative Writing, New York University, Class of 2020 (NYU Abu Dhabi).

          *videos are viewable through your child’s school account

  1. Homeroom Officer Elections for Grade 6-12 classes were held today. We look forward to the induction of our Student Council officers, class officers and Student Council representatives on September 15.

  2. No classes.  There will be no classes on the following days next week due to the upcoming holidays:

Monday, Aug 30, 2021- National Heroes’ Day

Wednesday,  September 1, 2021- Baguio Day

Note the following class days next week:

August 31, Tuesday | Day 1

September 2, Thursday | Day 2

September 3, Friday | Day 1

  1. MMC Resources for Parents and Students- We have compiled our parent and student resources here in this interface page featuring:

    1. course outlines,

    2. Library resources/access

    3. BASIS gradebook access

    4. Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) resources

    5. Guidance Office Resources

    6. Academic Honesty Resources

    7. School Calendar/ General Schedule

    8. Faculty Directory

    9. Orientation Resources

    10. Activities Calendar

    11. Brent Website

This is also accessible through our website. 

  1. Student IDs- Thank you to all the families who have submitted their child’s photo for their school ID.  A notice from Ms Jennie Umaging will be sent once these are available for pick up.

  2. Gradebooks on BASIS-  Here are instructions on how to access student grades/comments on BASIS. If you have any trouble logging into your parent portal account or student portal account, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kurt Salvador via email at: Kurt Salvador <>.

  3. Links to Virtual Assignment Notebooks for Grades 5 and above will be made available next week.

We ask everyone to check their email regularly. We usually send out Brent Bulletins on a weekly basis.

May our theme, Abound in Hope, our Mission, Vision, ESLRs and Brent Crest values continue to inspire and make us resilient during these extraordinary times. We will continue to learn together and build best practices.

We also wish everyone Happy Baguio Day in advance! Brent Baguio is one with the City of Baguio in celebrating its 112th Charter Anniversary!

Stay safe and God bless you all,

Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal