We hope that all of you had a good week this week.

We are grateful for our Wellness Day yesterday, January 20, 2022, and we hope that all our students have been able to pause and recharge.

We had a Socio-Emotional Learning Wednesday Assembly on Wednesday, January 19, assemblies were held to present Socio-Emotional Learning strategies that promote being healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you to Ms. Abbey Diwas, our Guidance Counselor and Strong Kids and Strong Teens Coach and Ms. Kim Arganda, LS Head Teacher for conducting these interactive sessions. Here’s sharing the recording for all parents and students to use at home as well.

LS SEL Assembly: A Story about Resilience (viewable through a student account)

MS/US Assembly: My Emergency self care plan (viewable through a student account)

Next week, Wednesday, January 26, 8 a.m. is our Academic Awards chapel. More details to come.

We have high hopes, lots of good wishes, and faith in each and everyone of our students. With a growth mindset, let’s all use the lessons we’ve learned from our experience in Semester 1 and make Semester 2 a semester where we continue to be our best at Brent.

Have a restful weekend, everyone!


Dr. Celeste R. Engler