Dear Brent family,

February is going by so quickly with mid-February just around the corner! Our classes and activities are certainly on high gear as we look forward to the following events:

  1. CAS Clubs- Well done to all our clubs for a successful run of the tech trials! We are excited for the start of cubs on Wednesday, Feb 16!

  2. Filipino Day Assemblies and Dress Up Day- A separate email was sent to include a special schedule for our assemblies and classes on February 16, Wednesday and February 18, Friday. Our assemblies will be dedicated to the theme “SINEFEST:  Appreciation of Filipino Films”l

Don’t forget that on Friday, February 18, in addition to Part 2 of the assembly, we will be having a Filipino Day Dress Up Day. The dress up day comes with a FILIPINO DAY Padlet photo competition. Faculty, students, parents and staff are all invited to wear appropriate Filipino cultural attire that is respectful of the Brent non-uniform dress code guidelines for the day. We will be selecting the best dressed student in each class. The winners will have their photos featured on our school website!

  1. Call for performers | Brent@113 Variety Virtual Show.

With the theme, One Brent, One Hope, we invite all in our Brent community to be a part of this year’s variety virtual show. Details below.

  1. We will hold the First Extended Essay Writing Workshop for all Grade 11 IB and BRENT diploma students on February 17 and 18, 2022 at 1:20 – 4:30 pm. Cheering for our juniors!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Dr. Celeste R. Engler

School Principal