Dear Brent families,

We had a successful trial run of our Hyflex classes last week! Thank you to all our students and parents/guardians for their cooperation and support! We are now ready to start with the final quarter of this school year.

Here are the following updates:

  1. Quarter 4 starts tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8 (Day 2). The Hyflex class day schedule is now in full effect.

  2. Parent Appreciation Day Assembly |Wednesday, March 9 |  7:45-8:25 |   All parents and guardians are invited to join us in an all-school virtual assembly hosted by STUCO and NHS. It’s a special morning for the Brent community to come together and celebrate our Brent parents and guardians!

Zoom Meet Link
Meeting ID: 909 172 6674
Passcode: 632795

  1. Thursdays LATE START at 8:15 :  Thursdays start with homeroom from 8:15-8:25 in the classroom for all grade levels. Hyflex class day schedule

  2. Clubs Hyflex Trial this week| Wednesday, March 9- Friday, March 11 |Homeroom teachers will let students know club venues.  We have seven meetings left.  Note: Applied music lessons are no longer offered on campus.

  3. Waiting Areas for After School Pick up | With office hours (formerly remedial sessions) and clubs commencing this week, we have the following tentative waiting areas for picking students up after school activities.

We will observe traffic flow and adjust accordingly. Entry to the main areas of the campus continues to be restricted, and we ask that adults/parents/guardians who are waiting for their students to stay within the designated waiting areas.

 Middle and Lower School pick up after-school waiting area


For Middle and Upper School parents: Griffiths parking area

We remain committed to sustaining what’s great and to learning and growing through experience and reflection. We will continue to approach this school year with curiosity, creativity and agility.

While we have challenges and difficulties because of this extended crisis, let’s work together, communicate effectively and collaborate as a team so that we can overcome them and #BeourBestatBrent.

Stay safe and God bless you all,

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal