Dear Brent family,

TGIF! This full week of school certainly boosted our learning and teaching momentum, especially as we looked into the importance of academic honesty and how it best demonstrates our Brent Crest values of integrity, honesty and responsible citizenship during the Lower School and Middle and Upper School assemblies held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Academic Honesty at Brent Baguio is of utmost importance. It is integral to authentic learning and character building. 

Thank you to Mrs. Marjory Alcantara (Department Head, Modern Languages); Ms. Laura Johnson, MS English teacher; and Ms. Kim Arganda, LS Head Teacher for conducting these interactive and informative sessions. 

A review of the Academic Honesty Policy Handbook and research skills is done not only in English classes but across all subjects as well.  We are sharing the slides and recordings of the presentations so that students and parents can review these at home.

Likewise, we encourage all parents and students to read through our Academic Honesty Policy Handbook.

LS Assembly by Ms. Kim Arganda MS/US Assembly by Ms. Laura Johnson
slides slides
recording recording

*note: recordings are viewable through your child’s Brent email address access.

Also, we look forward to our upcoming activities:

Date Activities
September 15th, Wednesday STUCO Induction Chapel
September 22nd, Wednesday CAS Clubs Presentation Assembly
September 29th, Wednesday Chapel – Career Themed Chapel
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This is also accessible through our website. 

We ask everyone to check their email regularly. We usually send out Brent Bulletins on a weekly basis.


May our theme, Abound in Hope, our Mission, Vision, ESLRs and Brent Crest values continue to inspire and make us resilient during these extraordinary times. We will continue to learn together and build best practices. 


Stay safe and God bless you all,

Dr. Celeste R. Engler