Dear Brent family,

We are grateful for the full month of school we all have enjoyed so far! We all have settled into our teaching and learning routines, and so we’re looking forward to a number of activities that will continue to support the quality delivery of our MMC program and build our Brent community!

  1. Clubs. Below is our timeline towards clubs starting in two weeks! More updates to come as we draw closer to the start of clubs on October 6, Wednesday. Please check your email for the



Sep 17  (Friday)

Video of the club form shown in Homeroom.

Release of Club choice form via email at 7:30 in the morning.

Sep 20 (Monday)

Going over instructions on How to answer the Club Form during Homeroom time. Reminder that parent approval must be given for students to register for clubs.

Sep 22 (Wednesday)

Combined LS, MS, US assembly on clubs featuring the Grade 11/12 Creative, Active, and Service (CAS) student-run clubs.

Sep 24  (Friday)

Club choice form due by 6pm

Sep 27 (Monday)

Faculty start setting up Classrooms and Meet links.

Sep 28 (Tues)

Faculty begin adding registered students to Classrooms with Meet links enabled.

Sep 29 (Wednesday)/30 (Thursday)/October 1 (Friday)

Tech trial days for clubs 3:00-3:45

More details to follow

October 6 (Wednesday)

Start of clubs

2. Feedback on the MMC Program- With a full month of school in, we continue to be curious about how our MMC program has been going for us all.

One way that can help us reflect on this question is through your feedback. The feedback form was sent out today. This will help us know our STRENGTHS, our CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITIES (solutions). We have four (4) questions for you on our MMC program. Please answer these as best you can. This form will be open until Thursday, September 23.

3.  Midsemester Reports and Parent Teacher Conference. Please mark your calendars for the following:

The release of Midsemester Reports will be on Friday, October 1. This will be accessible and downloadable through BASIS.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be on Monday, October 4 starting at 8a.m.

We will be sending out an online PTC sign up sheet for each teacher to facilitate easy scheduling.

More details to follow next week.

4. Grades/Progress marks on BASIS- Leading to the release of the Midsemester reports and the PTCs, we encourage our parents and students to check their student’s progress on BASIS regularly. Parents/guardians will have been receiving follow up emails on students who have missing work from faculty.

Kindly note that in order to give accurate feedback, we instituted the following for students in Grades 4-12:

  1. The  use of ‘M’ is used for marking MISSING work for students. These marks are seen on BASIS and not on the Mid Semester Report.

  2. Using an ‘M’  when computing the running grade has a significant impact on the average grade.

Here are instructions on how to access student grades/comments on BASIS.

If you have any trouble logging into your parent portal account or student portal account, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kurt Salvador via email at: Kurt Salvador <>.

5.  Also, we look forward to our upcoming activities



September 22nd, Wednesday

CAS Clubs Presentation Assembly

September 29th, Wednesday

Chapel – Career Themed Chapel

October 1, Friday

Quarter 1 ends

Release of Mid-Semester Report

October 4, Monday

Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 20-27, whole week

United Nations Week

We ask everyone to check their email regularly. We usually send out Brent Bulletins on a weekly basis. This is also accessible through our website. 

May our theme, Abound in Hope, our Mission, Vision, ESLRs and Brent Crest values continue to inspire and make us resilient during these extraordinary times. We will continue to learn together and build best practices.

Stay safe and God bless you all,

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal