Dear Brent family,

September is ending with a blast as we celebrated Career Week with a lot of inspiration and exploration!

Also, as Midsemester Reports were released today, we encourage all our students to reflect on their learning journey thus far and approach the rest of the semester with knowing what works, what needs to be improved on and what support they need so that they can finish Semester 1 with their best effort! Our Midsemester Reports and Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) on October 4, Monday are part of the many best practices that we have towards building strong relationships and supporting student learning and growth. We would like our families to take this opportunity to receive and give meaningful and personalized feedback as well as identify next steps or set goals. We look forward to our parents and students attending our PTCs!

Below are some more updates:


We have made the videos of the Career Talks available for your viewing by accessing the links below using your child’s brentbaguio email account. Our Career Dress-Up padlet competition is still ongoing until 6:00PM this evening. Our judges will view the submissions and will decide on a winner in each grade level to be featured in the school website.

A huge thank you to all our students, parents, and teachers and staff for making this year’s celebration a success! Thank you and congratulations to Mrs. Abbey Diwas for all the planning and coordination for this year’s successful Career Week!

Mr. Vander Tendero

(Class of 2011)

Pyrotechnics Designer

Ms. Henrisse Mae Caluya

(Class of 2011)


Grade 1 and 2 Baguio City Fire Department Virtual Tour

Capt. Justin Orros

(Class of 1993)


Dr. Socorro Zarate-Escalante (Parent)


Ms. Lourdes Bigay


2. CLUBS- All our clubs are done with their tech trials this week with much success! We look forward to the start of our clubs on Tuesday, October 5.


Cartoon Drawing Club

Cooking Club


Nature Photography: Recharge and Enjoy the Outdoors

Badminton Club

Creative Writing Club

Drama Club

Global Issues Network


Mystery Club

Model United Nations

Soccer Club

FRIDAY clubs

Culture Club

Home Economics Club

Art Club

Dance Club

Games Club

The Super Club


The release of our Semester 1 Mid Semester reports was today, October 1, Friday, at 3 p.m.

Below is the link to the instructions on how to access, view and download your child’s Mid Semester Reports via the BASIS Parent Portal.

Accessing the BASIS Parent Portal Instructions. Students may also access the Mid Semester Reports through the student portal.


Our Parent Teacher Conferences will be on October 4, Monday. There will be no classes on that day. Instead, you and your child are invited to meet with the teachers of your child for 15-minute Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) by making a prior booking through the PTC MASTER DOCUMENT for a time slot between 8 am and 12 noon or 1 pm and 3:30 pm.

How to sign up: The PTC MASTER DOCUMENT provides links to each teacher’s individual sign up sheets.

  1. A student/parent can sign up for a specific time. Please make sure to be mindful of keeping to the schedule.

  2. Meet links will be provided by the teacher.

  3. Each parent/student will need to keep track of the appointments they’ve made. For example, listing down the times and names of teachers on a separate sheet for their reference


6. Here’s looking forward to our activities in October:

October 4, Monday

Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 5, Tuesday

Q2 starts

Clubs begin

October 5, Tuesday

Teacher Appreciation Day ℅ NHS 3:00-3:45

October 6, Wednesday

NHS Induction Chapel

October 18-27

United Nations Week

May our theme, Abound in Hope, our Mission, Vision, ESLRs and Brent Crest values continue to inspire and make us resilient during these extraordinary times. We will continue to learn together and build best practices.

Stay safe and God bless us all,

Dr. Celeste R. Engler
School Principal